Perfectly Equipped
a prequel

Chapter 7

I put on a strapless dress, one that wasn’t see-through this time, but still opted for no bra or panties. Stuffing the aloe cream in my bag, I slipped on my sandals and went to Sean’s room.

My first knock on the door was barely audible.

“Maybe he’s not here.” Reluctantly turning on my heel, I heard the door open behind me.

He stood with a towel wrapped around his hips, barely hanging on. His hair was wet and water still dripped off his chest. Drops hung onto his chest hair like ornaments. If I froze in that moment forever, I’d be one happy woman.

“I came,” I said.

I came?

“Not yet.” He smirked and opened the door wider – but gave me only enough space to squeeze through so that I would inadvertently brush against his body and that curve underneath the towel. At the click of the lock behind me, I felt goosebumps sprinkle my body.

“I was hoping you could help me with the lotion.” My voice sounded broken.

In truth, we both knew why I was there, but it was still easier to pretend that I hadn’t come to have sex with a man I’d just met that morning.

“Is that why you’re here, April? Because I was really hoping you liked my fingers inside you.”

Sean sat at the edge of the bed while I stood in that same spot. His knees were parted. A few more inches and the towel would no longer cover him. Why was he still wearing it?

“Ahm,” I cleared my throat. “I did.”

Giving me that look of pure lust, he beckoned me with his finger to come closer. I dropped my purse onto the tiled floor, removed my flip flops, and crossed the few feet toward him. The hungry look in his eyes, as he roamed my body, was burning through me. I was afraid in a few seconds I’d see the ashes of my dress around my feet.

Standing between his legs I watched him from above as he reached to the top hem above my breasts and gently rolled the elastic top off and down to my belly.

“Gorgeous.” The desire-filled husk in his voice dried my mouth, and I closed my eyes. His breath touched my nipple before I felt the first tickle of his lips and their kiss. He swirled his tongue around it and pinched it gently between his lips while rolling the other one with his fingers. The zap of delightful pain flew from there right down to my pussy, and I opened my eyes at my own gasp of pleasure.

He looked up from below his heavy lids. Those thick lashes formed a perfect frame for his crystal-clear eyes. A lazy grin spread across his face, and I knew this was just the beginning of a wonderful night – one I would probably never have again.

I raked my fingers through his hair and pulled him back toward my stone-hard nipples, saying, “More.”

Was that voice full of craving even mine? But I could no longer think as the warmth of his mouth, his touch, and the teasing overtook my senses. He twisted my nipples to that perfect threshold of pain and pleasure and I couldn’t get enough – except that the rest of my body was beginning to beg for attention as well. As if on cue, he slid the rest of my dress over my hips, baring me, and his wet tongue trailed down my belly. Sean gently pushed on my hips to back me up so that he could force his knees between mine, spreading my legs apart. If he saw the faint white mark in the tiny crease between my stomach and pelvis, he didn’t say anything.

When I looked down, his towel was no longer tied at the front. It must have parted under the pressure of his erection, which was reaching up. With no time to think about his true size, I felt his fingers probe me and his mouth over my mound. That first lick of his stiff tongue was enough to feel like the earth shifted underneath my feet. Sean slid down to his knees and pumped harder inside me. He concentrated on my clit, flicking his tongue quickly, and then used the suction to create a pressure chamber in his mouth that drove all the blood to that one important spot. God, he was good! Too good! Every few seconds, while keeping his mouth around me, he let some air through. The breeze touched my wet skin, teasing, and making me aware of his swift tongue swishing back and forth and back and forth.

“I... I... ohh!” My fingers dug into his skin, and I had no choice but to let go. My toes curled as orgasmic shockwaves rippled from my pussy out through my legs and arms, convulsing my entire body. It had never jerked so hard before. A bolt of lightning would have been gentler when electrocuting me. He finally stopped so I could catch a lungful of air, and stood up to meet my gaze. I pulled him to my mouth, tasting my essence on his lips. He responded with a needy grunt, as if turned on by my need.

He pulled away and whispered against my mouth, “condom.” I thought I saw a flash of fear in his eyes.

“I’m on the pill,” I lied. I wasn’t sure why – but it was much easier than explaining to him that I could never get pregnant. “And I haven’t—”

“—April, you don’t need to explain. I get tested for work.”

I wanted to ask him what it was that he did, but I couldn’t. His lips were on my skin again, tracing my jaw and then dipping to my neck, checking the pulse at the base of my throat. Sean stepped sideways until we hit the bed. His knees bent as he sat down and leaned backward, pulling me with him. He lay back on the sheets.

“I like to be on top, but given that your back is sore, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“I think after tonight this will be your new favorite position.”

He growled. If there was one thing I knew I was good at, or at least what I remembered I’d been good at, it was rocking my hips over a man, squeezing around him as I controlled each bounce until he came. But that was so long ago... and I’d never been with anyone this big.

I hovered above him, lowering myself to give him a full kiss. His chin was slick with my juices, and I wiped it with my hand before sliding down his torso, leaving a trail of wetness from my pussy on his abs. I raked my fingers through his chest hair, lifting my hips over his length. The feel of him at my opening made my pulse rush.

I let the crown slide in first.

His grunt encouraged me.

I lowered myself, savoring the slick stretch as he filled me to my full depth. His width was perfect. His hands found my breasts, kneading them like he couldn’t get enough of their feel, rubbing the flesh until his fingers seized my nipples once again. I arched my back and slowly began rocking my hips, luxuriating in that first feeling of complete penetration. My body felt like it was plugged into the right outlet with the right voltage it had been seeking my entire life. Nothing had felt this good – ever – and I didn’t think it ever could again.

“You’re so much more than I imagined, April.” He shook his head. “You’re driving me crazy.”

I bit my lip and picked up my speed, finding that perfect rhythm. Feeling my ass slap against his thighs, my hips were no longer rolling but riding, and it didn’t hurt. My senses could only feel a beautifully crisp ache for more. The tempo was beginning to spark new fire inside me. Each time I plunged down, my pussy clasped around him and rubbed against his heated skin. Wet sounds echoed from between us, mixing with our heavy breaths.

“Jesus!” he yelled.

I thought for a moment I felt the earth shake again, but it was Sean lifting me up and off, flipping me onto my hands and knees and thrusting into my wet folds from the back.

“I. Need. To be. On top,” he said between each breath. This time the slap of him against my ass burned. But it wasn’t because of my tan – it was because of the force with which he took me. Oh, this would definitely end with another orgasm. I could already feel it building. I lowered my shoulders and my face to the pillow, causing my ass to lift higher, and reached underneath my body between my legs. This seemed to drive Sean insane.

As soon as I touched my swollen clit, I felt that zap of pleasure fly through my body, and I screamed. Sean held onto my hips, pushed twice more, and then stilled behind me, his whole body tense as he came. The explosion between us was so huge that for a moment I thought I heard it vibrate the windows. It was unbelievable. When I turned and looked back, I was afraid the vein in his jugular was going to pop. And when he opened his eyes, I thought I saw a spark of emotion I’d never seen before. I wanted to ask him about it, but the bed shook again. He pulled out and looked at me funny.

There was that explosion again. It wasn’t in my mind, after all.

“What the hell was that?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He shot off the bed and opened the balcony. In the distance, an orange glow loomed beyond the mountains, and the smell of sulphur filled the air.

“Volcano. Fuck! Come on.”

He pulled a shirt over his head while I jumped into my dress. Feeling his seed drip down the inside of my leg, I ran out the door and saw Millie.

“April, we need to hurry. They’re evacuating the island. Most people have already left.”

“That fast?”

“There’s only about a hundred on this resort,” Sean said. “Let’s go.” The three of us followed the few remaining guests to the beach where three speed boats were waiting. I stepped into the water behind Millie. She hopped onto the boat just as the driver said, “One more and this one’s full.”

I turned around, wanting to find another one the three of us could get on, but Sean said, “Get in the boat!”

“What about you?”

“I’ll take the other one.”

“This is not early 1900, and we’re not on the Titanic!” I screamed back. “I’m going with you.”

“Get in the damn boat, before I make you!” he shouted. Sean’s eyes then softened. “Please, April. I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything happened to you.”

I kissed him forcefully. His arms wrapped around me, for the first time since I’d been sunburned, tightening. Pain shot through my body but I didn’t care. In fact, I didn’t want to let go until he pushed me away.

“I’ll find you,” he said.


As soon as the boat pulled away, I realized that I didn’t even know Sean’s full name, and my heart sank. How would we ever find each other? Out in the distance, the volcano was spitting red fire into the air. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. The force and power were tremendous. While I was certain we were far enough, the danger of it all didn’t escape me.

“Are you okay?” Millie asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Some adventure, eh?”

I nodded as a few more speedboats pulled away from the shore. I tried to keep track of the one Sean got into, but as we sped toward the center of the ocean, it was impossible. There were hundreds of them, racing away from the island, all from different resorts.

“The driver said the pyroclastic cloud shouldn’t reach us. We left just in time.”

And that’s when I broke down. I wasn’t the only one to do so. Millie held my hand all the way until we reached what looked like a military boat. There were about six of them, from what I could see, taking on the passengers from the speedboats. I prayed that once we docked I could find Sean.

Unfortunately for me, half the vessels were guided to a dock in a different city. And that’s how I lost Sean, the man I’d only met that morning, who had turned my life upside down in less than a day.