Loyal Cheaters 

Book 2 in Cheaters Series

Some loyalties cannot be broken. 
Sacrifices cannot be taken back. 
Mistakes cannot be mended. 

But love is strong. It can fight. 
It can survive the greatest challenges. 
It can overcome anything… almost.


Loyal to the wrong people, Zoey Blakely is a survivor who doesn’t regret giving her life for those she loves. Desperate to keep her secrets hidden, she struggles to trust the only person who can help her reclaim her life, Ace Wagner.

On path to restoring the Wagner name, Ace is forced to connect the only woman he’s ever cared about with the biggest scum on Earth. And he doesn’t see that the real threat is closer to Zoey than anyone expected.

One wrong move and their hope of reuniting as more than friends will vanish forever.

No Cliffhanger and a HEA ending.
While Loyal Cheaters is book 2 in the Cheaters Series, it can also be read as a stand alone novel.
Warning: Contains mature subject matter and is intended for adult audience only.

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“Loyal Cheaters is a deeply touching and wonderfully brilliant story of living a life of courage no matter the cost. This story will grab you by the heartstrings and never let go. It will take you to places you never imagined and challenge everything you believe in. Not only will it take you to depths of darkness, but it will also raise you to the heights of Heaven. You won’t want this story to end because then it will take you away from characters and a story that has come to mean so much to you in such a short period of time.” – Shadowplay, Amazon Reviewer


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