Silver's Rebel

Book 2 in the Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga

He makes the rules. She breaks them.

She’s the rebel I can’t control and the past I can’t outrun.

Samantha Connors showed up in my life like a ghost. A rebellious one, in fact, who thought peeking in dark alleys was safe. Her uncanny resemblance to my murdered wife confounded me. She was the past I desired and the present I grieved, and she was caught between my client and the mafia. With a target on her back, Sam needed protection. Mine. And so I swept her off her feet and hid her on the other side of the world, where my past finally collided with her present.

Unfortunately, rebels know no borders and break all the rules. 

He’s the billionaire I can’t deny and the adventure I desire. 

Gabriel Silver showed up on a night when I needed it hard and fast. The private investigator had all the right moves to end my dry spell. Tall, strong and handsome, he was that older man younger women desired, and I was one of them.

Le sigh...

His streak of silver experience promised an adventure between the sheets. He should have been the perfect one-night-stand, but he flipped my life upside down instead and turned it into a fairy tale. 

After all, who needs a bodyguard? Someone who doesn’t listen. A rebel. And that was me.

I was the mafia’s target, and Gabriel could protect me. 

But then the bodyguard I trusted with my life broke the ultimate rule--and lied. 

Join Sam and Gabe on their romantic, suspenseful adventure as the dynamic duo give into temptation and face secrets from their past in this age-gap billionaire bodyguard romance book.

 Silver’s Rebel is an age-gap billionaire bodyguard romance and the first novel in the Silver Securities Family Saga. The story has a happy ending for the couple and a series cliffhanger. Intended for a mature audience. Originally published as Dazzled by Silver in 2013 (no longer available), the novel was re-written. The character relationship dynamics and their storylines are new. 

Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga