Q: What's the reading order of your books?

There are 4 complete series. I would classify most of them as Romantic Suspense, some books crossing with New Adult.

Layers Trilogy (deceiving because there are actually 4 novels) => This series should be read in order

  • Dazzled by Silver (somewhat of a cliffhanger but has a HEA [Happy Ever After as opposed to HFN - Happy For Now] for the couple)
  • Layers Deep (definitely has a cliffhanger)
  • Layers Peeled (ends Julian and Allie's story)
  • Layers Off (Kendra's story, with the entire Cross family)

Crossed Series (spinoff from Layers Trilogy): Each one can be read as a stand alone. Characters introduced in the book get a connected story in the next one.

Cheaters Series (no, the main characters DON'T CHEAT)

Perfectly Series

With Me Series

Stand-alone Contemporary Romances

Q: When is the next book being released?

  • Lacey will be launching a new romantic fantasy pen name (sign up for her newsletter for more information) winter 2020
  • New smoking HOT romantic suspense series that's a spinoff from the Cheater's Series will be launched in 2020
  • New slow-burning and HOT contemporary second-chance romance in 2020 (standalone)

Q: How do I keep up-to-date on book releases, sales, reviews and other news?

  • My mailing list: I send out 2-3 each month. What can you expect? I don't have a format, but I do try to add a personal touch to each one. They won't be formal and may have errors but they'll always be from the heart ♥ Keep your eyes open for Monday Morning Quickies (snippets from my books)
  • Bookbub: If you don't have time to read through giveaways, promos, discounts and only want that new release or sale alert, this is the place to be! Bookbub's new release and sales notices are always brief.
  • Goodreads: sends out a monthly notice and highlights the authors you follow.
  • Amazon: sends notices about new releases. Press the orange FOLLOW button under my profile picture.
  • Facebook: Like my page, follow my page etc... etc... I'm extremely bad at social media (see below) and will eventually use Instagram.

Q: What's the easiest way to reach you?

Facebook or email: laceysilks at gmail dot you know the rest (com - gotta omit those spiders somehow). I won't find your tweet and I'm still figuring out Instagram (hey, we can't all be social media butterflies). If I don't reply, within a couple of days (I usually do) it means that your message or email has been forgotten was lost. My aging brain cells take full responsibility for this but please send another message - it's unlikely I'll miss the second one.

Q: Where do you get your story ideas?

My inspiration depends on what I'm doing at the time. It may be from a news article I've read or maybe a conversation I've overheard. Some stories do come from real life situations. I've written a couple of novels because I loved a specific stock photo. This happened for Cheaters Anonymous and Sin With Me.

Q: What is your bra size?

Sorry, I'm not falling for that one. 😉