Silver's Pawn

Book 2 in the Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga

She’s the pawn I break and the strength I never expected.

She’s the pawn I break and the strength I never expected.

Allie Green, rookie cop, held the key to solving my case. My dangerously irresistible employee harbored no fear of the mafia, drank like a fish, and swore like a sailor, as she fought the demons from her troubled past. So I crossed the line a boss should never cross. Multiple times. 

And I held no regrets until I used Allie as a pawn—and the woman I hadn’t expected to love fell into enemy hands. 

He has the information I need and the body I crave.

Tristan Silver knew what he wanted when he hired me. Or so he thought. I yielded to his desires because my billionaire boss had the resources I needed and the distractions I couldn’t resist. As vengeance boiled in my veins, heat throbbed everywhere else.

So I used him—until I failed at the job he’d hired me to do, and our scorching romance spilled its secrets like blood.

Follow Allie and Tristan on a romantic and suspenseful journey as the hot co-workers struggle to resolve old chapters from their pasts while writing a sizzling new future.

 Silver’s Pawn is an age-gap billionaire boss romance and the second novel in the Silver Securities Family Saga. This novel ends with a MAJOR cliffhanger. Intended for a mature audience. Originally published as Layers Deep in 2013 (no longer available), the novel was re-written with a second point of view. The character relationship dynamics and their storylines are new. 

Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga

March 2022

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Silver's Pawn sneak peek:

Chapter 1

I stood in the middle of 5th Avenue as the city’s nightlife and all its thugs awakened. The intersection lights changed, and cars passed me on both sides. Spotlights lit up the sky on my right, where luxury cars were parked along the curb in front of Kendra’s thriving nightclub. The crowd in line shuffled forward. If she had been here, my client would have been happy, and Silver Securities would have had no problems. The problem was, she wasn’t here.

On my left, the charred ruins of Club Forever lent a burned stench to the air. Obviously, nothing lasted forever. We’d intended for the abandoned property to solve our problems; instead, the purchase magnified them. A flashlight beam cut through the darkness in a broken window, and my focus shifted to the front door of an adjacent hotel, where a girl stepped out onto the sidewalk. A john followed her. The couple slipped into a black SUV, and my insides twisted. If it hadn’t been for the failed bust and the fire, we would have shut down the cartel. But we didn’t. Hartley had his security change names and locations. On top of that, they had kidnapped our client. 

The flashlight shone again on the lower floor. I waited for a clearing on the road and hurried across the street. I pushed open the side door and stepped into the shadows. Inside, a distant echo of noises carried through. I followed the sound down the stairs to the basement, where the fire hadn’t damaged the building.

I reached the lowest step. I followed a shared stairwell to the basement, which connected to the hotel. The voices became clearer, except they weren’t really talking. The deep moans, heavy sighs, and uncontrolled breathing could only mean one thing around here: an orgy. I moved from beyond the shadows. The handful of naked people in the middle of a candlelit room completed a jigsaw puzzle I had no intention of solving.

What the fuck?

They lay on scattered blankets across the old couches and floor, all somehow connected. I opened my mouth to get the crowd moving, but closed it just as quick when I saw her. Dressed in a cop’s uniform, she was standing across the room, staring at the act. Her drawn gun rested at the side of her strong thigh as she watched them in wonder. She licked her parted lips. Her breaths deepened and became heavier as she took a step forward.

What the hell are you doing? I shook my head in disbelief.

She bit that lower lip and leaned her shoulder against a wall. She switched her crossed legs in the process and adjusted her crotch.

My mouth curved. She looked too young to be a cop from a distance. And she was definitely too small. Too vulnerable.

Further back, something was creeping in the shadows. Yet she remained still, unaware of the approaching danger, leaving me with no choice. 

“Behind you!” I stepped out into the faint light, pointing her way.

Startled, her head flew up and her eyes grew wide. She whipped her body around on instinct, but the creep in the shadows had disappeared.

“This party is over! Get dressed and get out!” I called out.

The cop spun around once more and paced forward with her gun held forward, pointing the weapon in random directions.

“This is the police. Nobody move!”

The orgy scattered. They all grabbed whatever clothes they could find within reach and ran.

“Don’t move!” she yelled out.

As expected, no one listened, and I wasn’t about to stop them, either. I needed the place to clear. Scar Wagner was starting renovations next week. The posh club would be the perfect lure for perverted predators.

“Get out of here!” I yelled, heading across the room to the cop.

“Hey, you!” She pointed the gun at me. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m saving you from embarrassment.”

“They’re getting away!”

She hurried after the last one, but I was there, so her attention turned my way. I grabbed her arm, disarmed her, and drew her to my body, then spun around before I pushed her face forward, right against that wall. She yelped out in the process. I pressed my body hard against hers, constricting her. 

“Let me go.” She writhed in my grip. 

I had to hand it to her; she was definitely strong and feisty.

“I’m gonna have you arrested for this!”

Her lips parted, and she looked back over her shoulder, catching my gaze. The patch of moonlight that snuck in between burned boards from above reflected in her cat-like eyes. It was then that I noticed her true beauty – her caring eyes, pointy nose, and freckles. She was the most gorgeous woman I’d seen in a long time. I inhaled her scent. She must have had wrapped her auburn hair in a hurry, before it dried, which resulted in a magnified aroma of lavender and strawberries. 

“Your dick is against my ass,” she growled. Little did she know, to my dick, her noises translated as an invitation. The challenge in her tone added an extra spice to the mix, and my mind flew straight to the gutter. It had been a while since someone this young had held my attention for longer than a blink. As much as the idea of having her fight her way out of my grip turned me on right now, consent wasn’t up for negotiation. I tightened my grip around her and shrugged. “So? You’re messing up my game.”

Scar Wagner had called earlier and told me we had visitors across the street. While it was unlikely Martinez would show up, I couldn’t chance he would.

“Fuck your game! You’ve just assaulted a police officer! Step away so I can do my fucking job and make an arrest!” Her anger vibrated through my body, and I liked it. “Unless you’re in on this?”

I laughed, and since everyone else had left, I let her go. Another outburst of hers and I’d be the one bursting.

“The only person who should be arrested right now is you,” I said.

“Wait – let me guess. Because I’m absolutely sinful?” She rolled her eyes.

“I was going to say because you’re trespassing.”

The certainty on her face faded. She looked me over, swallowed hard, and laughed back in a challenge, pretending she didn’t recognize me. I liked her keeping some cards to herself even more. I had to hand it to her; she did a decent job.

“Is my uniform not enough for you to notice who I am? Oh, wait, of course not. It’s because I’m a woman, isn’t it? Why would you notice anything else about me?”

“That’s sarcasm, right? It’s cute, but you really are trespassing. Check the records. This is private property, and I presume you don’t have a warrant.”

She frowned. “If that’s so, you’re trespassing as well.”

I held my stance.

“Am I supposed to let these… these…” Her cheeks flushed red as she pointed to the spot where an orgy had played out moments earlier. “… these scoundrels run?”

“They looked more like swingers to me.”

“Argh… that’s even grosser.”

“For what it’s worth, this place will be undergoing renovations soon.”

“Wonderful. Another club on the same street. More places to sell drugs and bodies.” She paused, scanned me over, and froze. “I can’t believe you let them get away. Did you know they used to run a swingers’ club down here?”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only club they ran.

“You would have gotten nothing out of those kids,” I told her. “They were acting out fantasies they heard about the brothel, and they’re not the people you should be looking for.”

Her forehead creased. “Where’s your ID? What are you doing here?” 

She slid the gun back inside its holster and crossed her arms over her chest. She’d interrupted my scouting; that was what I was doing here. Silvers used to own the building in partnership with the Hartley’s. This place had given birth to a lifelong lie, and we’d worked for years to lure all the wrong people into our trap. Scar Wagner planned to clean up the place and the fire on the one night he closed was a warning.

I looked around the dark room. Flipped cushions, torn fabric, broken lights, and cigarette butts littered the ground. Cuffs, whips, chains, and dildos hung on a sectioned wall spared by the fire.

“Sex-trafficking, slavery, blackmail, and auctions. Bodies sold like chattel,” I said under my breath. “That’s what went on here. Girls like you used to meet their hell in this basement.”

“Girls like me?” 

“You know – pretty, young, and delicate. Are you even old enough to be a cop?” I leaned in closer to her face. In hindsight, that was a mistake because her scent made my head spin. “You look too young to be a police officer.”

“I have good genes. What do you know about the auctions?” she asked. 

She definitely had good genes, but did she seriously not know who I was? 


Maybe it was better this way? My name came with too many caveats and broken bridges.

“I know everything about them and not enough.” I lowered my shoulders. “My name is Tristan Silver. My buddy takes care of this place. I saw flashlights in the windows. We’ve had reports of loitering, so I came to check it out.”

She stilled, which told me she definitely knew who I was. I didn’t partake in name-dropping often, but the stunned yet relieved look on her face was worth it. I had yet to determine the reason for her relief, but the last thing I wanted was to be seen here, standing with a cop.

“Of Silver Securities?” She stepped closer for a better look.

“Yeah, that one.”

“I’ve heard of you.” She swallowed hard and shifted from one foot to the other. “It looks like the… scoundrels left.”

I chuckled… scoundrels. If scoundrels were my only problem, I’d be a free man. If they were the issue, Kendra would be here, and I wouldn’t have a missing client.

“Sorry.” I cleared my throat. “That wasn’t funny.”

“If you’re Silver, then you know something more about this place.”

“A cartel kidnapped my friend last week,” I said. “She owns the place across the street, and they’ll sell her at an auction if I don’t find her. “

“An auction? Like sex-trafficking? How do you even find out about those?” Her voice quivered.

“Years of intel. Connections.”

“I’ve heard about Silver. I mean, everyone’s heard. I’m sorry about your friend. Have you filed a missing person’s report?”

I shook my head.

“You should call the police. They have resources.”

I laughed. “The police?”

She was right about one thing: the police had a resource all right, and their best resource was me.

“You don’t think we can do our job?” Her brows lifted.

I looked her over from the bottom up. Her muscled thighs and wider shoulders showed strength underneath the uniform. Combined with her delicate lips and doe eyes, the officer could definitely do her job. 

“That’s not what I’m saying.”

“But you won’t report a missing person?”

I wouldn’t waste any more time in this dump. Scar would clean up the mess tomorrow, and I was nowhere near finding Kendra.

“The police can’t help.” I glanced at her badge. “Stay away from this place, officer… Green.”

Green… Green… Green… Why does that name sound familiar?

Her brows narrowed. I turned to leave, but she grasped my wrist.

“Why stay away?”

I spun back around to face her and lowered my voice. “You shouldn’t hang around dark basements because evil men come here to do bad things to girls who don’t listen.”

She appeared unfazed and tilted her head to the side. “Sounds to me like this is exactly where I should be. You know, because I’m a fucking cop and all!”

She was undoubtedly… something.

“Your name wouldn’t be Allie, would it?” I swallowed hard and felt my dick react to the realization. She wasn’t supposed to be this delicate and perfect.

“Yes. I’m Allie Green. How did you know?”

Well, well… what were the chances?