Silver's Pawn

Book 3 in the Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga

She’s the pawn I break and the strength I never expected.

She’s the pawn I break and the strength I never expected.

Allie Green, rookie cop, held the key to solving my case. My dangerously irresistible employee harbored no fear of the mafia, drank like a fish, and swore like a sailor, as she fought the demons from her troubled past. So I crossed the line a boss should never cross. Multiple times. 

And I held no regrets until I used Allie as a pawn—and the woman I hadn’t expected to love fell into enemy hands. 

He has the information I need and the body I crave.

Tristan Silver knew what he wanted when he hired me. Or so he thought. I yielded to his desires because my billionaire boss had the resources I needed and the distractions I couldn’t resist. As vengeance boiled in my veins, heat throbbed everywhere else.

So I used him—until I failed at the job he’d hired me to do, and our scorching romance spilled its secrets like blood.

Follow Allie and Tristan on a romantic and suspenseful journey as the hot co-workers struggle to resolve old chapters from their pasts while writing a sizzling new future.

 Silver’s Pawn is an age-gap billionaire boss romance and the second novel in the Silver Securities Family Saga. This novel ends with a MAJOR cliffhanger. Intended for a mature audience. Originally published as Layers Deep in 2013 (no longer available), the novel was re-written with a second point of view. The character relationship dynamics and their storylines are new. 

Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga