Silver's Secret

Book 4 in the Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga

Her secrets connect us and mine ruin lives.

Her secrets connect us and mine ruin lives.

I hired Allie Green for her skill; I protected her with my life and I loved her with my heart. The brazen woman would lead a new department at Silver Securities, helping women off the streets.

Nothing could stop us from that perfect life, except our past: Allie’s undeterred stalker, my resurrected fiancee, and all the secrets she brought back from the dead.

I intend to get my life back on track as soon as Simone Hartley chokes on the chrysanthemums I left on her grave.

His secrets unite us and I want to bury mine. 

I was going to tell him about our baby, but the timing was off. Juggling a new relationship, work, and hormones is rocket science, when the secrets you carry pile on. But my boss will be the perfect father because Tristan Silver is that guy. Tall and handsome, strong, suave and protective. And a certain redhead wants him back.

I intend to get every minute I need from Tristan as soon as Simone Hartley reclaims her spot at the cemetery.

Silver’s Secret is a billionaire boss romantic suspense and the third novel in the Silver Securities Family Saga. It should be read after Book 2, Silver's Pawn. This novel is intended for mature audiences and guarantees a happily ever after for the couple. Originally published as Layers Peeled in 2013 (no longer available), the novel was re-written. The character relationship dynamics and their storylines are all new.

Silver Brothers Securities Family Saga