Falling in love with Cameron Madden was the easy part.
Keeping that love… well, that’s been a challenge.

See, everything was taken away from me. My faith has been tested. I’ve grieved, I’ve cried, and I’ve screamed in anger. Cameron was the only one by my side, and now that I’ve healed, it’s time for me to give him all that love back.
But in spite of Cameron’s love, the past still haunts me.
It gives me nightmares.
It sends fear coursing through my veins.
When the time comes to face that fear, I’ll have to do it alone.
And if I don’t succeed, I’ll lose everything all over again.

Note: Baby Me is a Sin With Me novella. It can be read as a standalone, or following Sin With Me. Contains spoilers to Sin With Me.

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I picked the remote up off the counter and flicked on the television. A video appeared of a woman down on her knees, sucking off a man and moaning in exaggeration.

“Porn? You’re going to put on porn?” Kate’s delectable giggle turned me on.

“I thought we might need it, in case we get bored around here.”

“When have we ever been bored?” she asked, yet she kept her gaze on the screen. I watched as her nipples hardened underneath her sweater. The woman on screen twirled her tongue around the rim of the man’s crown and deep-throated him again. One of Kate’s thighs twitched.

“Won’t this drain a lot of power?”

Did she even realize how sultry her quiet voice sounded? Kate licked her lips, and I felt the first drop of pre-cum release beneath my pants. When I caught her glancing down at my cock, with her mouth partially open and her eyes begging to taste me, I stepped toward her, but she stopped me with her pointed finger right in the middle of my chest.

“Nah, ah, ah.”


“Don’t. Move.”

She dragged that same finger lower and lower until she reached my pants and flicked the button open. I loved this saucy side of her. In one swift move she lowered my zipper. Her hand slid inside my boxer briefs, and I felt my balls contract at the touch. I closed my eyes, breathing out her name: “Kate.”

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and removed my underwear with the other hand. Using that seductive voice again, she whispered, “Shh, relax.”

She sank down to her knees and looked up at me from below her lashes, licking her lips. Just imagining her little mouth around my dick was practically enough to make me blow my load.

The coolness of her lips shocked my heated crown, and my ass tensed. She rimmed me the same way we’d just watched on the screen. Somewhere in the background, I heard someone moaning, but nothing could have turned me on more than the sounds Kate was making. Her teasing tastes became slurps, and those turned into arousing whimpers as her lips took control of me. Her hand slid up and down just below her mouth, lower and lower, until the cup of her palm was warming my sack and I was hitting the back of her throat.


She was relentless. Kate tensed her lips around me, adding more friction.

“Put your hand in your panties, Kate. Rub yourself.”

She didn’t miss a beat. Keeping me in her mouth, she lowered her hand inside her panties. I watched as her shoulders relaxed, and I knew that she’d reached her heated flesh. Her moans became torturous, and that first zap of an oncoming orgasm snapped in my lower spine.

Why did I just ask her to touch herself?

I wanted it now. I wanted to come over her face, but something stopped me. I’d never questioned coming in her mouth before, but now that I knew how much Kate wanted kids, it was my goal to ensure all of her dreams were realized.

“Stand up.” I reached down and helped her up. A sudden cool breeze swept over my dick when it slid out of her mouth.

“But I’m not done.”

“Believe me, Kate. You’re done, and if you don’t turn around right now, I’ll be done as well. Take those pants off.”

She obliged, removing her skinny jeans and wiggling her ass in the process. She didn’t even have a chance to lower them all the way down. I turned her around and yanked her panties to the side, found her opening, and with one thrust I was up to the hilt.

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play