Loyal Cheaters

Loyal Cheaters
Series: Cheaters Series, Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Some loyalties cannot be broken.
Sacrifices cannot be taken back.
Mistakes cannot be mended.

But love is strong. It can fight.
It can survive the greatest challenges.
It can overcome anything… almost.

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About the Book

Loyal to the wrong people, Zoey Blakely runs to survive and keep those she loves, safe. Desperate to keep her secrets hidden, she struggles to trust the only person who can help her reclaim her life, Ace Wagner.

On a path to restoring the Wagner name, Ace is forced to use the only woman he’s ever cared about to bring down his enemy. 

Except the real threat may be closer to Zoey than anyone expected. One wrong move and their hope of rekindling their love will vanish forever.

Note: While Loyal Cheaters is book 2 in the Cheaters Series, it can also be read as a stand-alone novel. Contains mature subject matter

“Lacey Silks can write some seriously epic twists and turns that kept my heart racing cover to cover. I was captivated from the first chapter, and I couldn't read quickly enough to find out the ending, and in fact, it took everything in me not to fast forward to the end. The emotional turmoil of the characters seeped out of my kindle making me physically feel their heart wrenching pain. With chemistry off the charts burning HOT, I couldn't get enough of the out of control SCORCHIN' HOT sexy scene goodness.”
“This book is not what I expected. Usually the heroine and or heroes are topically good and perfect. Well not in this story, because they have flaws. They are portrayed as real people making real choices. I believe you will admire their determination and survival skills.”
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