Crossed: prequel to the Crossed Series

 Hunter Reeves

a private investigator with a new target: Grace

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Hair dryers buzzed. Scissors clipped.
The smell of hydrogen peroxide and expensive shampoo filled the air.

..when my gaze caught the doorway where my best friend Emma Cross stood beside a caveman, I nearly dropped dead.

Where in the world did she find him?

I leaned in to look more closely. Is that a feather in there? Oh, the stench! I backed away as if I’d just run into Pepé Le Pew.

“He was undercover for a while, under Allie’s branch, and now he needs a cut before you take him to rehab.”

“Is it human?” I poked him in his arm with my forefinger, but he didn’t budge.

“He needs a haircut,” she pouted, leaning into me. “And a shave. You know, if it were me, I’d just shave all of him, if you know what I mean. Maybe even give him a nice wax. That ought to bring him back, don’t you think?”

For a moment there I thought the caveman’s eyes skidded to my friend, but maybe it was just me.

“Emma, I don’t think I have scissors big enough and blades sharp enough to conquer that forest on his face.

Fortunately, Grace's caveman cleans up well...

Unfortunately for Grace, Hunter has an ulterior motive...

“You’re a beautiful woman, Grace. I don’t want to overstep my boundaries as your guest, but if I don’t kiss you I may lose my mind and go crazy.” 

“We wouldn’t want that now, would we?”

Were those words even mine? I didn’t have time to think because those perfect lips that had been covered with facial hair earlier that morning were now on mine, and I was about to faint.

~ ❤︎ ~ ❤︎ ~ ❤︎ ~  

He dangled the toy I’d been dared to carry in my purse. Never in my life had I thought another man would find it when I’d agreed to my best friend’s dare. Not that it didn’t come in handy at times.

“When was the last time you used it?”

Too long ago.

“Too private.” I shook my head lightly, pulling the wet cloth down from my forehead to cover my eyes. “Put it back.”

A low buzz sounded in my ears, immediately making my ass tense. On their own, my muscles responded to the familiar pulse on my sensitive skin.

“How about I put it here?” The rasp in his voice as he lowered the toy to the front of my exposed panties added another layer of vibration that my body was familiar with.

“Hunter… I… we just met.”

“And it’d be stupid of you to trust me.”

“Very stupid.” I nodded, but I couldn’t help but shift my hips slightly underneath the rubber toy. 

But Grace's past lurks nearby and the criminal family she's kept her distance from wants her back, forcing Hunter to make a choice between his job and Grace.

And the wrong choice could have consequences neither one is ready for.

Layers Crossed & Double Crossed 

 Books 1 & 2  in the Crossed Series

Eric Waters and Emma Cross

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

She's a city girl.

He's a country boy.

And their worlds are about to collide.

“Emma Cross. I’ll be working on your case, Mr.?”

“Waters. Eric Waters. It’s nice to formally meet you, Emma.”

Being with Eric and away from the city was easy. 

It was everything I didn't expect and everything I needed.

I never expected that mixing business with pleasure could be so rewarding.

The foundations of lies we've lived would catch up to us,

forcing us to turn to each other.

I touched my lips to hers, taking them into my mouth, stroking the bow of her upper lip with my tongue before dipping in. Her mouth was so small and so warm and she worked it so well, moving her lips with mine. I tilted her head slightly, holding her steady because if I didn’t, I was afraid I’d lose my patience. Slowly tracing my hand to her neck, I held it there, smoothing my thumb over her pulsing vein. Her skin felt silkier than I expected. And when her tongue moved against mine, rubbing and teasing, inviting me even deeper, I knew she had me in the palm of her hand. She could ask me anything, and I would give her everything. 

When I pulled away, I pressed my forehead against hers, breathing heavily. This was not an ordinary kiss. This was pure lust. 

“Will this be a problem for you, Emma? Me wanting you so badly and being your client?” I asked.

“Consider this a service with a cherry on top. Besides, you’ve kissed one guy, you’ve kissed them all.” She shrugged and pulled away.

Playing hard to get, I thought.

I could see through her lies so easily. Her tiny nose wrinkled up and betrayed her. And her body language was another story. The way her breasts swelled when we’d kissed, and the feel of her pumping jugular underneath my thumb as I traced her neck told me I’d affected her as much as she’d affected me. And she was still panting. If her goal was to push me away or seem nonchalant, she’d have to try much harder than that. As much as she wanted to deny the truth – or maybe she was afraid of the truth? – she was mine the moment I’d laid my eyes on her a few nights back. 

“And how many guys have you kissed, exactly?”


“And have they kissed you back the way I did?”

“Why are you asking all these questions, Cowboy? It was a good kiss, I can’t deny it. But did it knock me off my feet? Did it make this plane come down? Nope, still sitting.” 

“Then let me correct my mistake, my lady.” And I pressed myself to her again, this time with nearly my full strength, keeping a little back so that I wouldn’t crush her completely. Devouring her mouth like she was my life-line, taking every breath from her lungs into mine, I molded myself into her curves. I pushed a button to recline the luxurious leather chair, making her lie beneath me, her soft body writhing under my muscles. And once she was down, I couldn’t help but feel every luscious curve of her body, sliding my hands up her sides and along the outline of her breasts. Her hips were in full motion, grinding against my length. The feel of her pubic bone made me even harder for her. And her delicious mouth fit in mine so perfectly, I couldn’t get enough. At that moment, I knew that no matter how long or how often I kissed Emma, it would never be enough.

But pleasure also comes with risk.

As threats loom, trust and honesty are broken

and Emma and Eric’s lives are flipped upside down.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎  

Double Crossed 

 Book 3 in the Crossed Series 

Derek and Annabelle

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

She returns home with secrets. 

He's determined to help her move on. 

But some secrets are hidden for a reason.

Fear can consume you. It can crush your beliefs, strengths, determination, and if you let it, even your soul.

I thought I knew fear.

I thought I’d been to hell when I was young, and so I allowed fear to guide me forward. I let it make decisions for me.

I thought I controlled my fear, but what I didn’t know was that it wedged itself inside my body, steering me like a skillful puppeteer.

I’d barely scratched its surface.

I’d barely knocked on its door.

While I’ve lived with it, I didn’t let it live with me, or so I thought.

Derek didn't kill those fears right away, but he managed to erase them for a while...

As my stomach made noises that put grumbling to shame, my nose lifted higher, taking in the sweet smell of pancakes.

With my eyes still heavy, I picked fresh clothes from my suitcase and headed for the joined bathroom I remembered Blake had shared with his older brother. Derek went to Haiti to build houses when Blake and I were fourteen, and I hadn’t seen him since.

I pulled on the door handle and walked in.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“What in the holy Mary mother of….” I dropped my clothes, and both my hands flew up to cover my eyes. I didn’t dare move. The quick glance at the man’s sculpted body had my mind spinning and body tingling with needs I’d pushed out of my life. An urge to stare at the naked perfection that took my breath away swirled deep in my tummy. Who was he? Why was he here? And was I still dreaming?

I’d seen naked men before. Heck, my first experience was at eighteen, my first year away in college. It happened in the dark of course, but this guy was definitely not a teen. I’d been to strip clubs in San Francisco, and even those sculpted dancers would fade into nothing beside the marvel of a man in front of me. No one’s abs and biceps and muscular structure could be compared to his, so taut, I wondered whether they’d been painted on.

My palm tingled with an unexplained need to touch him. And that sleeve tattoo on his right arm with an overpowering number of stars of all sizes—that intricate design belonged to a man from a metropolis, not to someone from our little town. The inked patterns weaved up in marvelous and dangerous and beautiful designs. Most were black with a hint of red, white, and blue when you looked up close, and boy was I ever close to him. Close enough to smell the clean scent of manliness that had my nostrils flaring all on their own. In that split second my gaze flew from his arm, to his pecks, and down the path of his six-pack to the desirable package below. Even I couldn’t believe that my mind was capable of grasping every single inch, curve, and tone of his skin in the split second I saw him, and imprinting it into my permanent memory.

“I’m covered, Annabelle. You can look now.”

“How do you know my name?” I asked, peeking between my fingers before lowering my hand.

“I’d recognize those cute freckles and blushing cheeks a mile away, pretty lady.”

A blue towel hung just below his narrow hips. Two lines of his lower abs streamed upward from underneath the fabric forming a mouth-watering triangle. And a little lower under the cotton, a slight curve hid that generous growth I’d seen a minute ago. I felt more heat rush up to my cheeks.

“Derek?” My constricted throat finally gave way to speech. This could not be Blake’s brother!

Annabelle and Eric rekindle a friendship and begin a scorching romance while fighting through secrets that should stay buried, forever. 

Are you ready to join this hot duo on an adventure?

Warning: Double Crossed is a tearjerker!

From hot private investigators to daring cowboys and alpha millionaires, these action packed novels will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This special collection includes four novels, each with a unique story of family trials and tribulations. Get ready to open your heart and read about your favourite book boyfriends as they aim to piece their mangled family's past, together.

From surprise first meetings to daring rescue missions, the Crossed Series brings a balance of romance and suspense.

Step inside the secret world of ex-cons who are determined to make things right while finding love at the same time. Fall in love with their unique families, watch them grow and become stronger, and indulge in their sizzling romances.

"The intrigue and suspense of this box set was wonderful. Having the intertwining of the families, the good guys, the bad guys and finding true love through the mess." ★★★★★ from C. G.

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