Dazzled by Silver

Prequel to the Layers Trilogy

He's not ready to commit.

She's looking for a fling.

And their thrilling game of cat and mouse is about to raise the stakes.

Private Investigator, Gabriel Silver is healing from a deadly loss. Desperate to forget the past, he helps out a friend to keep busy, oblivious that his good deed is about to throw him into a sizzling romance.

Samantha Connor wants to forget her toxic relationship and she’s on the prowl for a re-bound. When she meets Gabriel Silver she thinks she's found the perfect one-night stand, but the handsome and mysterious man is full of surprises. As she falls prey to his charms, she tangles herself in his next dangerous case.

On the run and plotting for their safety, Samantha and Gabriel test the bounds of their sizzling relationship and begin a thrilling game of cat and mouse. With growing feelings, danger at every turn and seduction on the table, anything can happen, especially when their provocative friend, Kendra throws another twist into the mix.

Can Gabe and Sam outrun a drug cartel and overcome their shattered pasts for long enough to find true love?

Join the unlikely duo on their romantic adventure as they give into temptation while running for their lives.

Warning: This title contains adult situations, graphic language, a steamy threesome and a hot FF scene. It is however, an MF romantic suspense.

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Dazzled by Silver sneak peek:

Chapter 1 - Sam

If there was a place I could find a one night stand, it had to be here.

A voluptuous, blonde bartender worked her magic behind the marble counter. Blue and silver crystallized rock glistened on the dark background reflecting the pendant lights above. The blonde’s boobs jiggled inside her clinging tank top, black cotton hugging each curve and ripple of her breasts. She could entice any rich, New York man to drop his wallet right into her cleavage. She’d make some nice tips tonight.

I narrowed my brows and wondered if she had implants. No one’s breasts could be so perky without a bra—not unless they were a bit smaller. Hers bounced, almost in slow motion, when she reached for a bottle on a high shelf.

Condensed water dripped down the frosted glass holding my Virgin Mary. I took another sip, sneaking a peek at her full bosom every few seconds.

The sweet, pungent smell of roses tickled my nostrils. I closed my eyes. The scent wrapped its talons around my neck before gliding across my cheek and toward my nose, plunging into my lungs. Kendra. My heart raced, and I bit my lip. I pushed off the bar and swiveled on my stool.

“Sam, you’re early.” Kendra scanned me from the bottom up like a hungry predator, and then leaned in for a hug.

“I couldn’t miss your opening night.” I nuzzled my nose into Kendra’s neck as we embraced, catching a whiff of her rose scent. Her straightened hair tickled my cheek, the fresh scent of her auburn dye still lingered. My palms pressed against her bare back, and I fought the urge to stroke her as she pulled away.

The silk of Kendra’s halter blouse draped over her breasts in provocative waves. Judging by the way her nipples pushed the thin material out, looking like little pebbles, she wasn’t wearing a bra. My skin tingled at the delicious sight. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex my gorgeous best friend revived that deep yearning in my belly within seconds.

Her bewitching hazel eyes seemed an odd shade of red as if she’d smoked weed and hadn’t slept for three days. The preparation for tonight must have taken its toll on Kendra. Opening a night club on Fifth Avenue had been her dream for years. And now, the three level Kissed Club, with a posh lounge and a rooftop garden overlooking Manhattan, would be the talk of the city.

“What are you drinking?” Kendra pointed to my glass.

“A Virgin Mary.”

“Virgins are fine, but not in a drink.” She winked at me as if to insinuate I would be the main course tonight.

I squeezed my knees together. Since I’d broken up with Casey, and told Kendra about my lack of sex with a boyfriend who only wanted to be blown, she’d vowed to help me get laid. She called me a born again virgin and made it a quest to find me a man. Truthfully, at this point I was willing to bang anything that moved. Okay, maybe not anything. But I had to admit the desperation was becoming more unbearable every day.

“Gabe, two orgasms, please,” Kendra called out.

Another bartender, a surfer look-a-like with chocolate-dark hair, strolled from the end of the bar and placed two shot glasses on the counter. The grin stretching across his face oozed sex and confidence. And whatever cologne he wore, it must have been prepared by Cupid himself. He handled the liquor as if he was making love to each bottle.

I couldn’t help staring at his ripped arms. A thorn tattoo peeked from under the edge of his short sleeve. It circled his bicep, appearing to pierce his skin in a few spots where drops of blood had been inked. He stroked the bottle’s neck like a pro then flung it into the air. The strong grip of his fingers caught the flask, and he poured the liquor into the shot glasses, treating each drop like gold.

Kendra was right, I needed to get laid.

“Gabe is good with his hands, isn’t he?” Kendra sat on a stool beside me. She seemed rather calm and playful for an opening night.

“Yeah.” My dreamy voice betrayed me as I became acutely aware of my heartbeat. Coming out tonight to have fun was long overdue.

Gabe’s fingers pressed against the inside of a glass, cleaning it meticulously, and I imagined him working those fingers into my flesh as he discovered every inch.

“Where exactly did you find him?” The coherent question surprised me.

“In heaven.” Kendra giggled. “It looks like he wants you,” she said as he looked my way again. “She’s all mine, Gabe,” she called to him, wrapping her arm around me possessively.

I wanted to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. Wasn’t she supposed to be trying to find me a man? Gabe would do just fine, but the way she was clinging to me no one would be interested.

Gabe pushed the shot glasses forward drawing my attention back to his talented hands. “To good orgasms. I hope they please you as much as I like to please.” He winked at me.

How could he say things like that with a straight face? My cheeks burned thinking about the different ways he could actually please me. Even the distant memories of a fulfilling sex life I chose to forget rekindled. Gabe’s remark was enough to bring back a sweet swelling in my tummy. I would definitely need some time to myself after tonight and hoped the new batteries were charged to the max. I was beginning to think when I bought regular batteries at the department store the clerk knew exactly what they were for.

I sneaked another peek at Gabe. For the first time in the dim light, I noticed his silver eyes. They glistened like diamonds with a special spark of light in the center, like fire.

With his dark complexion, they were like two gems, almost unreal and dazzling.

Kendra threw him a dirty look. “Keep it clean tonight, Gabe. It’s a big night.”

The intensity of his sexy stare joined Kendra’s giggle below my navel, and all my muscles lost their tension. The duo of hormones that wanted to eat me alive reminded me of cravings long forgotten. God, how I wanted to be eaten! Casey had never gone down on me, despite the fact I’d handled his cock every second night. Each stroke filled my heart with the hope it would lead to a night of love-making. I’d lick him and tease him building the momentum. I wanted him to be done fast, praying it’d be my turn, but he’d be snoring seconds after his climax. I’d lost two years to the dweeb!

Was it too much to ask for a man who could take charge, fill me to my fullest depths and devour me? Was there something wrong with me?

I released a long held breath and sneaked another quick glance at Gabe. His eyes, focused on mine, surprised me and I quickly looked away, my cheeks burning.

Kendra popped the glass back. The flesh of her bare neck stretched down to her cleavage.

I mimicked the motion, and as soon as the cream hit my tongue and slid to the back of my throat, I understood why it was called an orgasm. It reminded me of Casey’s cum, except much sweeter. If Casey had tasted that delicious, I would have offered to give him a blow job every night.

The warmth of the liquor spread through my veins, and I grew wet between my legs. The combination of Kendra’s and Gabe’s lewd stares tantalized each nerve in my body. The thin fabric swooshing against Kendra’s chest didn’t help. A strong desire to touch, hold, and own her well-endowed bosom tingled my palms and I pulled my own shoulders back to let the two bumps on my chest push up into my corset top.

Gabe’s heated stare penetrated through me. Each time I sneaked a peek, the hunger in his eyes consumed me, and the small spark in his silver eyes flamed

At that moment, I’d have been willing to lie down on the bar and let him have his way with me. My new ‘no strings attached’ motto looked very promising tonight. The only problem I would have would be asking wanna have sex? without seeming like a total slut.

Kendra stared Gabe down and took my hand into hers. Her fingers wove with mine, holding tight.

My insides quivered when she kissed my shoulder. Everything inside me screamed what are you doing? but I couldn’t help but enjoy the attention. She made it clear I belonged to her and no one else. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy her interest, but I wished she wasn’t so possessive. Not in front of a potential one night stand I’d lined up in my mind for tonight. “You should give him a big tip,” I said to her. “It’s an awesome shot.”

“I’ll give him a tip if he can make my orgasm last longer than a swallow.”

My eyes bulged. Kendra’s nerves of steel took more balls than any pair a man had. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed her company so much. My friend was entertainment galore with sprinkles and a cherry on top.

“All you have to do is ask, K.” Gabe grinned. His pearly whites almost glowed in the fluorescent light. Was that really all it would take? Just asking?

The thought of receiving an orgasm from Gabe dried my mouth as if I’d just walked across the Sahara. I felt light-headed.

“That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble one day.” He leaned over the bar and pushed my chin up.

The innocent touch stirred all my nerve endings. The heat collected between my legs rushed to my face.

His sultry eyes beamed, and I was certain he’d read my mind.

The voluptuous blonde who’d been shelving the bottles came to Gabe’s side, leaned into him and whispered something in his ear. The tantalizing way she slid her hands up his arms and wrapped them around his neck, tightened my throat. I looked away.

I peeked again from under my lashes in time to see her lick Gabe’s ear and then kiss him on the cheek.

“After work, sweets,” he said, his eyes darting my way.

The blonde resumed her work.

A slight growl vibrated inside my throat as I realized Gabe wasn’t available after all. Tonight wouldn’t be the night he released that tight knot of desire in my core. Oh God, what was I thinking! Images of Gabe’s naked perfection nearly blinded me.

He opened his mouth to speak, but Kendra pulled on my hand. “Come, I want to show you something.”

Hesitating, I jumped off the stool. “Thank you,” I said to Gabe, making a mental note to try another of his orgasms in the future.

Although I wished I could stay at the bar, I followed Kendra across the dance floor toward the front of the club. Around us, workers prepared last minute decorations, polishing the steel bars of cages propped on four stands, one in each corner of the dance floor. A man checked the cables of a swing over head.

Underneath the ceiling, mirrors hung on the wall around the perimeter of the club. The glass also covered the dome above us, giving it an infinite look.

“It looks amazing. I still don’t get how you managed the investment.” Kendra had mentioned she needed a partner to help with the nightclub venture.

“I found a silent partner.” Her tone closed off the subject.

I looked back toward the bar.

Gabe leaned forward on his elbows. The intensity of his eyes froze me in place until their corners softened as if begging me to come back. Kendra tugged on my hand again, and we walked up a circular staircase hidden behind a wall on the opposite end of the club, across from the bar. At the top of the stairs, she unlocked a door.

The dark room swallowed my vision. It took a minute for my sight to adjust. A faint light from a glass wall overlooking the club illuminated the space. The over-sized mirror I had seen from downstairs was a one-way window. Below, everyone seemed smaller. The blond kept shelving liquor bottles behind the bar while Gabe polished the marble counter, his muscles bulging with each circle he made.

The sound of the lock clicking shut on the doorknob stole my next breath, and I bit my lip. A shiver of pleasure flew down my arms.

“I hope you like it.” Kendra flipped on a switch.

I turned around. A red light glowed from above; fabric was draped over the lampshades on each side of a four-poster bed.

Kendra removed her pumps and strolled across the plush carpeting away from me. With each step, her ass swayed from side to side, and the gold fabric of her top swooshed along the line where her crack almost showed.

The light, soft texture of the furniture absorbing the color, blending it into an even tone, took me away from the busy workplace downstairs. Closer to the window was a wide bench, covered with a soft blanket.

“Why do you need a bedroom here?” I drew my finger along the chest of drawers. The wood smelled of lemon polish and blended perfectly with Kendra’s aroma.

“To get away from the crowd. And I may not feel like driving home after work. It’s my home away from home.”

“It does feel like your home. What’s behind that door?” I pointed to the wall opposite where we’d entered.

“A bathroom. Do you like it?” Kendra asked, stepping from one foot to another.

The hint of apprehension in her voice made me nervous and excited at the same time. It was rare to hear her anxiousness. “I do. They can’t see us?” I pointed at the glass overlooking the dance floor.

“No,” Kendra whispered.

Her voice closed in from behind. The sweet smell of her rose scent invaded me again, and air swelled in my lungs as I held my breath. “It’s a nice view.” My gaze found Gabe through the two-way glass and I wished he was here too.

“It is,” Kendra acknowledged.

Something inside me stirred, telling me she wasn’t referring to the hot bartender.

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