Loyal Cheaters

Book 2 in the Cheaters Series

Some loyalties cannot be broken.
Sacrifices cannot be taken back.
Mistakes cannot be mended.

But love is strong. It can fight.
It can survive the greatest challenges.
It can overcome anything… almost.

Loyal to the wrong people, Zoey Blakely has sold her life to survive to keep those she loves safe. Desperate to keep her secrets hidden, she decides to trust the only person who can help her reclaim her life, Ace Wagner. 

On a path to restoring the Wagner name, Ace is forced to use the only woman he’s ever cared about to bring down his enemy: the same enemy Zoey Blakely has an allegiance to.

As the new lovers aim to find a connection, the threat that lurks is closer to Zoey than anyone expected. One wrong move and their hope of building on that love will vanish forever.

Join Zoey and Ace on their adventure to finding true love and bringing balance to their chaotic lives in Loyal Cheaters.

Note: While Loyal Cheaters is book 2 in the Cheaters Series, it can also be read as a stand alone novel. Contains mature subject matter

★★★★★ “This book is not what I expected. Usually the heroine and or heroes are topically good and perfect. Well not in this story, because they have flaws. They are portrayed as real people making real choices. I believe you will admire their determination and survival skills.” ~ L. Moore,  Reviewer

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Loyal Cheaters sneak peek:


“You kissed my mother?”

The image of Ace’s delicious mouth on my mother’s had to be the grossest one I’d had in years. His devilishly good looks were not an excuse to kiss just anyone — especially not my mother. Eww! I shook my body and stuck my tongue out, trying to get rid of the taunting image. It didn’t work. I opened my eyes and met that devilish look of his which softened my legs. He couldn’t be more than twenty-eight at the most, and two minutes ago he’d had his tongue stuck down my mother’s throat. How could she do this to Sid, her boyfriend? And why in the world would he kiss someone who was old enough to be his own mother? Was it some sort of a role-playing fantasy?

“I’m so gonna go blind,” I muttered to myself and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Would you rather I fucked her?”


He was so causal that I wondered whether screwing older women – much older women – was his thing.

“That’s just sick! Of course not.”

Ace leaned away from the hospital doorframe he’d been propped up against and stepped toward me, forcing my whole body to go rigid.

Jesus Christ! 

“You’re disgusting,” I accused, feeling my limbs coil with excitement as I pictured my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. What was wrong with me? Was there anyone with CPR training near? You know, in case I fainted. Maybe Ace could do it.

“You’re just jealous that it wasn’t your lip I was biting.”

Biting? Holy hell! Does holy hell even exist? I wasn’t sure. My mind was becoming foggier with each one of his long strides toward me. I thought I was standing a safe distance away, but I was wrong.

So, so wrong.

This man’s aura was so strong, my knees wobbled as he approached. Why was he getting closer? What was it with that knock-me-down look of his? Ace might have kissed my mother, but it didn’t change the way my body was reacting to his masculine physique and predatory look. The awareness of him closing in was overloading my senses. With pure lust leaking from underneath those heavy eyelids, any woman would know what was coming her way. And I hoped I would be the one coming.

Stop it, Zoey!

A few more seconds and I’d start panting.

Wait a minute... I’m already panting.

“I wouldn’t kiss you if my life depended on it.”

Oh, I was so going to regret those words. Watching Ace come toward me in slow motion, feeling the way my heart was hammering in my chest, I’d have a heart attack any second. Thank goodness, we were in a hospital.

Mom had already run after Sid, her boyfriend. He’d walked in on her and Ace lip-locked in the middle of the hospital hall, her back pressed against the wall and his hands all over her. Gross. My sister, Julia, who had escaped death from an avalanche, followed my mother. She’d been found buried in a cave with Ace’s younger brother Scar and had just been released. Now I was left alone in this empty hallway, backed against what I thought was a door, with Ace ‘Too Gorgeous for his Own Good’ Wagner, who was practically devouring me with his gaze.

From what I remembered when we still lived in New York, the family had a criminal past, and I’d always been worried when Julia hung out with Scar. She might have mentioned Scar’s three other brothers at some point, but she had never mentioned they were hot. Nope, ‘hot’ was the wrong word. They were scorching hot, peppered with spice and zest, groomed in the sexy pit of hell, ranking highest in the sinful department of mouth-watering men whose only purpose was to deflower virgins. 

Nope, that was wrong too. The Wagner men were not meant to deflower. They were meant to fuck any woman who stood in their way. That was a good thing, because I was definitely no virgin.

Why were images of me and him and lots of nakedness, right here on this floor, filling my mind?

He stood so close to me that the heat of his manliness swirled around me, messing with my brain. Ace was the man your mother warned you about, not the one she kissed. Except my mother had a history of cougar-like behavior and decided to follow new rules of life while on the rebound from our cheating father. So doing the exact thing she warned me about was nothing new.

He kissed my mother, he kissed my mother, I kept repeating in my mind.

“Is that so?”

Was what so? What was I arguing against?

Oh, that coy look on his face, as if he knew he had the upper hand at controlling my body – which he did – was really annoying.


What the hell happened to my voice?

“Yes it is?” I tried again. Instead of the conviction I imagined in my words, I only heard a whimper.

“Sick and disgusting. That’s a new one for me. I just may have to prove you wrong, babe.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

What was his name again? Heck, I only met him a week ago, how was I supposed to remember his name? Especially when Ace was giving me every reason not to.

“So does your mother.”

“You’re not making this any better.” Was I leading him on? Why was I smiling?

I can’t believe my mouth would betray me like that.

Yet looking at his wet lips, so close to me, I couldn’t really blame my mouth for wondering how they’d feel over mine.

“And you’re lying to yourself, honey. I’m exactly what you want. I’m exactly what you need and never had before.”

“I’ve had sex before.”

“Not with a man like me.”

Definitely not.

He raked over my body from the bottom up, inhaling deeply as if he were getting high.

“You smell very appetizing. For a dancer, you have some fine curves.”

He wasn’t even touching me, but that didn’t stop me from imagining his swift fingers snaking along my skin, inch-by-inch, awakening its acute senses. Part of my brain must have still been working because I took a step back. Except that my ass pressed against a handle. The door opened, and I backed into what appeared to be a storage room. Ace followed me in, closing the door behind him. Darkness swallowed my body as my back pressed against a shelf full of linens. The sound of his heavy breath closed in, and the first sweat beads rolled down my back. It wasn’t hot in there; it was all me as my stupid body swam in Ace-infused lust.

His hands found my hips. While I knew he was close, I couldn’t see him, only feel his heat and the first touch of his thigh on mine. Even through our jeans, the heat was excruciating. I might as well have not been wearing them.

“I saw the way you were looking at me at the lodge, Zoey. And I noticed the way you tried to get closer when we went out to search for my brother and your sister.”

While what he said was true – that I’d remained at his side to find my sister – I thought it was because he was being thorough. Was he as thorough in bed?

Shit! My conscience would not let me win this one.

“I... I wasn’t.”

“It doesn’t matter now. I’m going to lower those jeans off your hips and prove to you how talented my mouth is. You will remember my tongue inside you for the rest of your life. You will crave it day and night and beg for it in your dreams.”

Holy crap! Thank God, I was wearing my nicer panties. But that was only because my boyfriend, who as of now was history and would remain nameless, had come to see me at the lodge where we were vacationing with mom. Besides, I’d only known him for a few days, so he couldn’t really count as a boyfriend.

It was so dark in this room, I doubted he’d even get a glimpse of my panties. Maybe that was a good thing, given how soaked they were. And why was he not making a move?

“I need your permission, Zoey.”


“I don’t take what’s not offered, though I’m pretty sure you’re offering. Tell me you want me to fuck you with my mouth.”


“Yes, what?”

“Fuck me.”

Potty mouth! Not.

The button on my jeans popped. My heart was at some sort of a party, jumping up and down with no regard to how it made my lungs ache for more air. How could I breathe? He touched his mouth to my shoulder. When Ace’s lips were on me, air seemed to be non-essential. I liked the way my head spun and made me feel lost. He was like a drug. His lips grazed over my neck, tickling and playing, his teeth gently scraping the skin over my jaw, inching closer to the corner of my mouth. It was pure hotness.

“No kissing.” I turned my head sideways. I didn’t want to be reminded where that mouth had been minutes earlier. I needed him to make new memories: preferably ones of his lips between my legs, the way he promised.

“No problem.”

I felt his smile against my skin before he ventured down my cleavage, lowering my shirt over my boobs with his teeth; then he grasped the lace of my bra and freed my breasts from their confining cups. Jesus, he definitely knew how to work that mouth.

“You may deny me a kiss now, but you’ll be begging to feel my tongue inside you soon enough.”

And if his mouth was talented, then his greedy hands went beyond professionalism. So, so good on my breasts, feeling their weight, scrunching them as if he wanted to have them each drown in his palms; which they did, while he performed magic over my flesh.

Why was I still holding on to that shelving unit behind me? Because if I didn’t, I’d fall over. With the first swirl of his tongue around my nipple, I reached up to his arms. My hands were beginning to want to join his game of grab and hold, but his muscles were so hard, there wasn’t much free flesh to hold onto. So I clawed them like a needy cat, and as he pinched my stone-hard nub with his lips, I pulled my nails over his back, scraping them harder than I intended, turning Ace into the lion I knew hid behind those golden eyes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made some stupid rule about no kissing. Why was it that I wanted the upper hand when I’d known the moment he looked at me, that he would give me the kind of feeling I’d never had before? To hell with the upper hand. I wanted him badly and prayed he could take me on an adventure ride all the way to heaven. My past boyfriends were dweebs who didn’t even know how to satisfy a woman properly. It was all about taking what they wanted and never giving anything back. But the way Ace was touching me, setting my body on fire, I was getting the impression that he was going to give me everything I’d ever dreamt about without even worrying about getting anything in return.

My button-down shirt slid off my shoulders and fell to the floor, leaving me standing bare, with my bra underneath my boobs and my jeans loosening at the command of his hands. Ace’s mouth was playing with my nipples as his fingers were unzipping my fly. If I were to die right at this moment, I’d die a happy girl and wouldn’t even care if I’d be going straight to hell – as long as Ace came with me.

Desperate sounds of need left my mouth, and when his hand slid down my panties, fingers parting my drenched folds, venturing further between my legs and circling the rim of my opening, I was lost. It had only been minutes, and Ace had already given me more than all the men combined in my life. He made me feel like I was the center of the world, as if I was all he’d ever wanted and he’d make sure I knew that.

“Please,” I begged, spreading my legs apart. I wanted to feel him inside me. His fingers, his tongue, and his cock. I wished I could feel him in my grip, just for a moment, but that meant letting go of the shelf and losing my balance, potentially falling to the floor and ending the wondrous journey he was creating with his lips.

His smiling mouth left searing kisses along my belly as he got down on his knees. His succulent lips pulled along my skin, teasing my waxed area with lazy licks right around the most nerve-infused spot on my body. Why was he avoiding it? Was he trying to bring me to a climax without touching me there? Yet I wanted more of it. It felt so good to be teased instead of being the one who did all the work. I needed Ace to keep up this arousing game of cat and mouse. Ace was more aware of every twitch of my body than I was, tending to its pleas for more.

Pushing up my leg to give him better access, I let him lift my thigh and brace it on what I assumed was an adjoining shelf. At the sound of a click, I looked down. Ace had turned on the flashlight on his phone and set it down on the floor. He pulled his mouth away from me. The light illuminated his gorgeous face and dark-honey eyes as he looked up.

“You’re flexible.”

“Dance. I dance.”

His mouth glistened with saliva as he licked his lips. Jesus, that tongue was strong.

“Watch me eat you, Zoey. Feel and remember every excruciating second of my tongue before I fuck you.”

I gasped and felt my pussy contract, ready to come just at his words alone. His fingers fluttered over my tummy to the tops of my thighs, feeling my every curve. The pads were rough with the perfect amount of gentleness, skimming over my inner thighs and hovering closer to where all the heat from my body seemed to be collecting.

He dove in between my folds and I jumped up. Ace steadied me with a firm hold on my hips. His stiff tongue pulled through my flesh down to my opening, rimming it and inserting its tip inside me, then advancing higher. He repeated the tantalizing move a few times before completely pressing his face into my clit and wrapping his lips around it. My world collapsed. At one point I was sure he fit my entire pussy in his mouth and flicked his tongue on the underside of my clit. No one had ever done that. I mean, I’d had a guy go down on me a few times, but never with such intensity, need, and expertise. Never with the aim to make me lose control and force me to come within seconds.

I wasn’t sure whether to scream or catch another lungful of breath. All I knew was that I wanted to feel his lapping tongue on my clit forever. He had done so with the perfect speed, pressing lightly occasionally as if to let me know it was his favorite spot.

His fingers slid inside me; I wasn’t sure how many, but the fullness of him there was perfect. I finally let go of the shelf and grasped his hair in my fists, pulling him gently off me, and then back on, feeling the air cool the wetness where his hot tongue had just been, trying to find that perfect balance between suction and relief. Ace was like an expert. He’d let me control the motion of his head for a few moments before he completely took over, and I let him because he was definitely a man who didn’t need any guidance.

The pumping of his fingers slowed down as he hooked them in a ‘come hither’ motion and rubbed me from the inside. The pressure was perfect. The g-spot should definitely be renamed to the wow-spot.

The sound of his slurps and fingers squishing in and out of me was driving me wild. I wanted to hold on but couldn’t, and as I heard the first note of my scream leave my mouth, his free hand covered it, forcing all the pressure back into my body, creating that much more power in my lower half, which now had no choice but to escape from underneath his mouth.

I barely stood, shaking. My hands flew back to the shelf behind me, and a rattling sound from the cabinet echoed in the enclosed room. I found what felt like a towel under my palm and brought it to my mouth, clasping my teeth around it as Ace sucked me. This was a never-ending euphoria and not in a million years could I experience an orgasm that terrific.

As if knowing when I’d had enough, Ace rose to his full height and lowered my foot off the unit next to us. The faint glow from the flashlight illuminated the drips on the bottom of his chin.

“What do you think about the way I kiss now?”

I didn’t need to see his face to picture that smug look. The faint light reflected in his eyes hypnotized me. I smelled my own essence on his breath, which made me that much wetter. The drip of my juices down my inner thigh was almost at my knee.

If he was referring to the kiss he’d given me between my legs, then I had no words, and I couldn’t imagine anything better.

Unless I have sex with him.

The thought gave me new energy. Still unable to tell him exactly how amazing he made me feel, I reached down to his crotch, curving my palm around his stiff bulge. All I knew was that I needed more. Much more.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Pressed cheek to cheek, he whispered into my ear, “Kiss me first.”

Was that his price for letting me feel him inside me? Just a kiss? I usually had a rule that I didn’t give in to men that easily, but with Ace, all rules were meant to be broken. I’d give him everything that he asked for.

The buzzing sound of his vibrating phone brought my attention to the floor. The faint glow of the flashlight turned into a display that looked like an incoming message. Ace crouched down. My bottom was still bare, and I felt him pause and sigh when his mouth was near my pussy.

“Shit,” he said. “I gotta go.”

“Is everything okay?” I asked. 

Ace cursed under his breath. “It was nice licking you, Zoey.” He kissed me on my cheek and left. Just like that. I stood in the storage room for what seemed like hours, trying to figure out how I’d just let a man who had kissed my mother go down on me and give me the most unforgettable orgasm of my life – and then leave.

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