Perfectly Equipped and Perfectly Seduced

 April and Sean

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

A nudist resort was not my first choice of vacation but here I am...

Here he is too,
shamelessly squatting down in front of me...

... and I can't look away. They say first impressions are important, and Sean has definitely impressed me.

Can he help me forget about my secrets as well?

“You should put some sunscreen on, or you’ll burn.”

“What?” I asked, shading my eyes, turning awkwardly not to reveal the rest of my flushed body. As I lifted my eyes higher, I noticed the evenly tanned man was younger than the maturity of his deep voice suggested. Much younger. I should have guessed that by his endowment, which was still hanging not far away from my face, and seemed to have hardened a bit.

He looked fit, toned, and actually, now that my gaze had adjusted to the bright light, quite fine. There was a sprinkle of chest hair on his pecs with a shimmer of silver, and a kind smile on his face. He was clean cut, with a sharp jaw, and about my age – mid-thirties. At that moment I was grateful to be a woman and that my body didn’t betray the way this man’s physique was affecting me. At least not too obviously. My pebbled nipples were beginning to hurt when I turned slightly toward him and brushed against the towel. And the pool party between my legs was definitely in a riot.

If you don’t get laid soon you’ll settle and you deserve much better than a Pinkie. I recalled Millie’s lecture on the flight over.

“Your behind is getting red. I gather it’s a tanning virgin.”

I looked back at my rosy ass. In my worry that anyone would see me, I had forgotten to apply sunscreen. Judging by the crowded beach, I must have been out for a while.

“Oh, ahm, yes, it hasn’t seen too much sun. I don’t usually prance around naked.”

“Really? I couldn’t tell with the way you’re straining your neck and trying to cover your boobs. Don’t worry, I’m not a gawker. Just a bit concerned that you won’t be able to sit by the end of the day.”

My gaze inadvertently lowered to where he was holding the sunscreen, resting his elbows on his thighs. Why was he still crouching, with his knees apart and everything on display? Though I had to admit, he was quite well groomed – everywhere.

“Are you going to put some cream on, or just stare at my cock?”


“Ahm... I wasn’t staring. And I’m not about to let a stranger grope me.”

“I wasn’t offering, sweetheart. And if I wanted my hands on your ass, you would have let me do so long ago.”

“That’s cocky,” I barked back. Where did he get the nerve to be so forward?

He chuckled. “Yeah, I get that a lot. Here.” He handed me the tub of sunscreen.

Life sent us on a different path,

 but Sean found me again.

Except for a different reason than I thought.

“Can I speak with you privately?” he asked.

Did I even have a choice? Sean grasped me by my arm and pulled me toward a door at the side of the classroom, locking it behind us.

“What the hell are you doing? We’re in a closet.”

“I’m aware of where we are.”

I couldn’t see him, but the proximity of his body, the same one I had explored with my hands two weeks ago, was doing something funny to me. My brain was fogging up. How did he do that? He was making me feel like a marionette, his breath, lips, slightly rough fingers, and dominant strength, the strings he controlled me with. And then his mouth touched mine. Gently at first, tasting me and giving me that hope I’d lost, yet slowly reminding me, lick by lick and tug by tug, of the most wonderful twenty-four hours I had ever spent with a man, and it was him. And I melted in his arms.

He was a frickin’ puppet master.

Fearing I’d forget how to breathe, I pulled away, panting.

“So much better,” he whispered against my lips.

It was more than better. It was absolutely amazing. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t. Something along the lines of a mumble escaped; my tongue and my lips felt like they’d just been injected with a local anesthetic. His mouth left me with the same feeling I’d had after tasting the first spoon of a chocolate mousse cake. And his tongue... it was addictive. I wanted more — much more.

He gently cupped my face, stroking his thumb over the seam of my bottom lip.

“I never said you were a bad mother, April. I was nervous. I’m sorry. Maybe we started off on the wrong foot here. Things were going much better when we were both naked.”

What? Naked? We’re in a closet, at Parker’s school.

❤︎ * ❤︎ * ❤︎

And now that he's found me, I can loose my son.

As soon as April went to the kitchen and crossed the hallway toward the front, I grabbed her, covering her mouth, and whispered. “It’s me. Don’t scream. Someone’s in your house. Do as I say.”

She nodded. I guided her behind a curtain in the living room and pulled the fabric over her body, completely covering her. “Don’t move.”

She nodded again.

I scuttled back to the front door and opened it, making sure it was loud. I could confront him in the kitchen, but I wasn’t sure whether he was armed, and I’d left my gun at home. It had been a while since I’d had to carry one on me, and it looked like I’d have to make it a routine again.

My life and my son's was now in Sean's hands.

Perfectly Kissed and Perfectly Loved 

Millie and Dave

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

She’s in love with her best friend’s brother.

He’s in love with his sister’s best friend.

And their story begins with a perfect kiss.

Mistletoes suck.

My best friend sucks.

And guess what? That old lady down the street sucks as well.

They can kiss my pretty little rear if they think they can trick me to get back with Dave Mayers. It doesn’t matter that he’s the only man I’ve ever loved. 

Welcome, to Millie Cartlon’s Christmas and the best gift she’s received in a long time - a perfect kiss.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

“Stop the car,” I said.

“I can’t, sweet pea. If I do, we won’t get it going again.”

“I don’t care, just stop the frickin’ car!”

He put the brakes on. I opened the door and jumped out.

“Millie, what’s the matter with you?”

Dave was out, following me through knee-deep snow. I could barely breathe. Everything had been so clear to me that morning. My path, my fearless life I was happy to go through on my own, my being the strong woman who didn’t need a man in her life, were set and simple. I didn’t need anyone to betray me, hurt me, or disappoint me ever again. I turned around and bumped right into him. The snow was still falling but at a lighter pace.

“Do you think I’m sad?”

“Where’s this coming from?”

“Dave, do you think I’ll end up like Mrs. Bowers? A sad, lonely old witch who has… nobody?”

“You’ll always have me, Millie. And April and Justin. No matter what happened between us, we’ll always be a family.” 

Those perfect eyes wouldn’t leave mine. He wouldn’t let go, not this time. They were like the sun, melting my frozen inner core. But I was afraid that wasn’t enough. Yes, at one point in my life that’s what I’d believed, as well: that we’d be one happy family. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between me and Dave; and now April was stuck with a best friend because I was Parker’s godmother.

I felt my chest tighten and my cheek sting. Was that my conscience slapping me silly, or a cold winter’s gust?

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

"She wasn’t what I expected yet everything I wanted." - Dave

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

The Mayers family has been the only one I've ever known.

They saved me.

But they didn't know that I couldn't be saved.

We truly fit in as a family.

Every. Single. One of us. 

Even Mrs. Bowers.

Especially Mrs. Bowers.

That old lady with selective hearing drives me crazy.

She lives with her cat in her lonely house and plots how to get me and Dave back together just because she heard us "do it" once. 

She may be annoying... but she's alone.

No one should be alone. 

Fortunately for me, blood doesn't bind as strong as the heart.

And Dave makes sure that I felt its beat every day.

“Millie, what would you think if I disappeared today?”

“You’re being stupid.”

“I’m serious. Would you have any regrets?”

Of course, I would. As I wondered about his question, I heard the branch underneath us crack. “Holy crap!”

“It’s just adjusting to the pressure.”

It sounded more like giving way to the weight.

“Where is this question about regrets coming from, Dave?”

“Well, if you disappeared today, I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t live with myself. I’d search for that answer to ‘why’ for the rest of my life.”

“I wish I could tell you.”

“Why don’t you?”

“It’s for your own good.” If he knew the real reason why I couldn’t be with him, he’d hate himself that much more. There was a time when I had hated him as well, but I no longer could.

“Please?” he begged.

“I’ll make you a deal. If we find Molly, I’ll tell you.”

“You’re serious?”

Was he sitting closer to me than before? His warm arm pressed against the side of mine, and I welcomed his comfortable heat in the cooler night.

“Yes. I will tell you exactly why we can’t be together.” I heard the determination in my voice wane with every moment. Why couldn’t we be together? What if I put those sad moments in my life away in my past, and looked forward? Fate would have it in for me. But wasn’t it Fate that had brought us together here for Thanksgiving? 

I sighed. The next time I turned toward him, his mouth was inches away, and his breath invited me to lean forward to touch my lips to his. My heart hammered in my chest. Oh, how much I missed those lips and that perfect kiss only Dave was capable of! 

His tongue slowly enticed my mouth to open wider, and then I was gone, totally lost to this immense joy in my chest. Nothing had ever felt more right than this moment between us. One of his arms slid up my back, supporting me from leaning back too far. As his tongue revived all those deeply stashed feelings I’d always have for him, I wanted to feel more of Dave. I drew my hand along his hard thigh, feeling the strength of his bulge underneath his jeans. His mouth hardened and I moaned, leaning further into him, and by the time I realized that we weren’t exactly in the safest place to be making out, it was too late.

Dave’s support on my back gave way as he tilted awkwardly. 

“Shit!” I screamed, falling off the branch into the ice-cold river below.

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