Perfectly Equipped
a prequel

Chapter 2

“You should put some sunscreen on, or you’ll burn.”

“What?” I asked, shading my eyes, turning awkwardly not to reveal the rest of my flushed body. As I lifted my eyes higher, I noticed the evenly tanned man was younger than the maturity of his deep voice suggested. Much younger. I should have guessed that by his endowment, which was still hanging not far away from my face, and seemed to have hardened a bit.

He looked fit, toned, and actually, now that my gaze had adjusted to the bright light, quite fine. There was a sprinkle of chest hair on his pecs with a shimmer of silver, and a kind smile on his face. He was clean cut, with a sharp jaw, and about my age – mid-thirties. At that moment I was grateful to be a woman and that my body didn’t betray the way this man’s physique was affecting me. At least not too obviously. My pebbled nipples were beginning to hurt when I turned slightly toward him and brushed against the towel. And the pool party between my legs was definitely in a riot.

If you don’t get laid soon you’ll settle and you deserve much better than a Pinkie. I recalled Millie’s lecture on the flight over.

“Your behind is getting red. I gather it’s a tanning virgin.”

I looked back at my rosy ass. In my worry that anyone would see me, I had forgotten to apply sunscreen. Judging by the crowded beach, I must have been out for a while.

“Oh, ahm, yes, it hasn’t seen too much sun. I don’t usually prance around naked.”

“Really? I couldn’t tell with the way you’re straining your neck and trying to cover your boobs. Don’t worry, I’m not a gawker. Just a bit concerned that you won’t be able to sit by the end of the day.”

My gaze inadvertently lowered to where he was holding the sunscreen, resting his elbows on his thighs. Why was he still crouching, with his knees apart and everything on display? Though I had to admit, he was quite well groomed – everywhere.

“Are you going to put some cream on, or just stare at my cock?”


“Ahm... I wasn’t staring. And I’m not about to let a stranger grope me.”

“I wasn’t offering, sweetheart. And if I wanted my hands on your ass, you would have let me do so long ago.”

“That’s cocky,” I barked back. Where did he get the nerve to be so forward?

He chuckled. “Yeah, I get that a lot. Here.” He handed me the tub of sunscreen.

I squirted the cream onto my hand and reached back. Unfortunately, wanting to keep my front hidden, I couldn’t reach far enough to cover the lower part of my behind.

“You missed a spot.”

“Where?” I pretended not to have noticed that a quarter of my cheeks were still without protection.

“I’d offer to help, but I wouldn’t want you to think I’m hitting on you.”

I made a mental note to put the sunscreen on before leaving my room the next morning – that is, if I left at all. But if Millie had anything to say about it, pigs would fly before she let me hide out while on vacation. I was doomed, and I knew it. And the last thing I wanted was an uneven tan, or a burn, so reluctantly I handed the stranger the tub and gave him a warning look that said enough on its own.

“If you’re going to touch me, can I at least know your name?” I asked.


At one time in my life I would have jumped Sean before he had a chance to blink. But now I preferred to keep my life simple. No men, no commitments, no complications and no probing questions.

“Okay, Sean, do what you must.”

“I want to hear what it is you want me to do, sweets. I wouldn’t want to mistake your intention.”

I sighed. “Can you please put some sunscreen on my ass? And it’s not ‘sweets.’ It’s April.”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

I lowered my head, thinking there was no point in arguing with him. There was something about being naked and not wanting to confront people.

That first touch of his fingers on my ass was as hot as the sun’s rays hitting their only target in the world. Or more like a laser beam, sliding up and down my soft behind. I felt my buttocks tense, but as Sean spread the cream along the undercurve I felt myself relax. It stung a little, but the way he touched me, so gentle yet with so much care, caused my stomach to flip-flop as it hadn’t done in years. I was afraid I’d pull a muscle on the inside or at least bust one of my ovaries.

“Do you want me to do your legs too?” he asked.

You can do much more than my legs.

Where the heck did that come from?

“Sure. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I breathed into the towel, desperately hoping he couldn’t tell how my heart was beating off the charts. So what if it had been a year since a man had touched me? And to top it off, that had been a man nicknamed Pinkie. We hadn’t even gone all the way – not that I regretted it. I hadn’t let anyone too close, because I just couldn’t. My body and soul wouldn’t let me. Ever since Simon’s death, I’d been a grieving widow with a son to raise, and my body had been forced into a comatose state. Any kind of need was suffocated before it had a chance to breathe. That is, until now. It seemed that with each stroke and passing second, Sean was awakening every sleeping muscle. I’d forgotten how good it felt to have a man’s hands on me. A real man’s hands.

I bit my lip to force back the moan that was threatening to escape from my mouth as his steady fingers pressed into my calves. Jeez, he had some strength behind them. When he finished, I looked back. He was still in that position with a perfect view of his cock, and it seemed to have grown.

“Look, I’m not complaining, but if you keep looking at me like that, and licking those plump lips, I’m gonna have to cover myself up.”

Was it my fault that Sean was perfectly equipped?

“I’m not looking.”

“And I’m not getting hard.” He winked and stood up. “See you around, April.”

The sound of my name on his lips was like an invitation to do something definitely nasty.


Thank goodness he turned around and left, because if I had to look at the beautiful display between his legs again, I was afraid that my legs would fall open all on their own. As he walked away, I gawked at the flexing muscles on his ass. And what a fine ass it was.

Maybe this vacation wouldn’t suck so much after all.

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