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about love that conquers darkest fears.

"I loved the story line to Cheaters Anonymous. It was so completely original and out there and in a world with millions of books it's not often you come across one like this. Not only was the base story line something unique but it is also not an insta love read. This couple goes through so much over the years before they get their happily ever after and I was completely submerged in their world dying of all the angst!" ~ Christine Softley, Amazon Reviewer

"Cheaters Anonymous is a breathtakingly beautiful yet soul grippingly raw look at the dangerously desperate lengths to which the human heart and soul will go to in its search for a life changing love that was carelessly ripped away. There is nothing typical about this story. Nothing this real can leave us the same afterwards. This story completely shredded my heart and left me in a painful desperation for healing and hope." ~ Shadowplay, Amazon Reviewer

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