Cover Reveal and June Releases


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 MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Perfectly Equipped will be available JUNE 28th in a boxed set with 21 other stories. This is a short prequel (10,000 words – about a 15-20 minute read). The next novel Perfectly Seduced will be available September 15th, 2015. This story ends with somewhat of a cliffy (not as bad as some other ones I wrote) but it's HOT, just like Sean (our hero). If you like mature men who know what they want and how to get it, you'll enjoy Sean as much as I have *clears throat*, I mean, as much as I enjoyed writing about him 😉

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I'm a widowed mother. I'm not looking for love, but I guess my best friend thinks it's time to find some man-candy.

Her words, not mine. And she's way more adventurous than me.

So when she takes me on a vacation to a nudist resort, that's the last place I expect to find the man of my dreams. A perfectly equipped man who takes my breath away, causes my heart to pound and makes me forget about my secrets.

His name is Sean and he had me the moment I saw his crotch.



Death of a Batty Genius


By: Angela Pepper
(Mystery pen name of Mimi Strong)
Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, or Charlaine Harris'
Sookie Stackhouse series are loving this new mystery series featuring a
no-nonsense, witty heroine with a temper as feisty as her name: Stormy Day.
By: Daisy Prescott
The Wingmen duet from USA Today bestselling author Daisy Prescott is
over 500 pages of romantic comedy told in male POV.
This boxed set contains:
Ready to Fall (full length novel)
Take the Cake and Run (short story)
Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat (full
length novel)
Flesh: Part Sixteen
By: Sky Corgan
Amy can walk away from Janice, but there doesn't feel like any
retribution that she can get against Lucian for his betrayal. While she swears
that she never wants to see him again, that doesn't seem good enough. He needs
to pay for what he did.
**A KindleUnlimited series**


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