Time for an update:)

I've been silently busy writing a lot of new and exciting material. And when I say exciting, I mean scorching hot stories and a novel which will make you want to take a long shower.

The Mistresses Series has been Imagereleased a few weeks ago! It is currently available on Amazon individually and as a set. Each story is only $0.99 and the complete set $2.99, so you'll be saving two bucks if you go with the set. Since I've opted for exclusivity with Amazon on this series, you won't be able to get it in other stores until after June 21st:(

If you don't have a kindle, you can always download one for free for your PC.

BUT, mark your calendars for these freebies:

May 15-19 Mistress Paige

May 27-31 Mistress Amber

June 10-14 Mistresses (1-5)

This series of five short stories follows the lives of five cheating wives and husbands. Each one can be read individually, but they're all connected. The stories touch on different emotions as each spouse has a different reason to cheat. From pure lust and desire for someone else, to lack of passion and satisfaction in marital bed, to marrying the wrong person, to drifting apart. For detailed information about each story, click here.

The novel Dazzled by Silver is in its final stages of editing. I wish I could say more about this great story, but I don't want to spoil it before the soon to come Cover Reveal. There will be a hot P.I. and millionaire named Gabriel Silver who dazzles Samantha – a born again virgin (click on the term if you haven't heard of it before). Sam helps Gabe to save her friend, who happens to be Gabe's cousin.

In between the rescues and twists, scorching hot sex scenes, including a threesome and love-making the way each woman fantasizes.

The cover reveal coming within a couple of weeks along with an announcement of a June release date. Keep your eyes open as I will be giving away eBook ARCs at the time as well;)

Happy Reading! (very, very happy reading)

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