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Crossed Series: Bad Boys, Cowboys and Millionaires

​From hot private investigators to daring cowboys and alpha millionaires, these action packed novels will keep you on the edge of your seat.

~ Spicy ~ Sultry ~ Sinful ~

"This series touched my heart. It has hero's, heroines, bad guys, but most of all families! They struggle and fight to keep their family's safe. Also very romantic!"

Amazon Reviewer

"The Cross boxed set was as absolutely fantastic. Each book was interesting and enjoyable to read. Throughout each book there was a touching commonality...The love and dedication to family and friends."

D. Straugh ~ Amazon Reviewer

This special collection includes four novels, each with a unique story of family trials and tribulations. Get ready to open your heart and read about your favourite book boyfriends as they aim to piece their mangled family’s past, together.

From surprise first meetings to daring rescue missions, the Crossed Series brings a balance of romance and suspense.

Step inside the secret world of ex-cons who are determined to make things right while finding love at the same time. Fall in love with their unique families, watch them grow and become stronger, and indulge in their sizzling romances.

“The intrigue and suspense of this box set was wonderful. Having the intertwining of the families, the good guys, the bad guys and finding true love through the mess.” ★★★★★ from Cynthia St. Germain

“This boxed set goes into my favourites folder and will definitely be re-read many times. .” ★★★★★ from kindle customer

“A wonderful journey following an extended family through life changes and discoveries. Love is shown in a manner that covers all love. Familial, romantic, parental and just friendship, love is the thing that keeps us going. I loved this series. Great read.” ★★★★★ from G. Powell

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Crossed sneak peek

He dangled the toy I’d been dared to carry in my purse. Never in my life had I thought another man would find it when I’d agreed to my best friend’s dare. Not that it didn’t come in handy at times.

“When was the last time you used it?”

Too long ago.

“Too private.” I shook my head lightly, pulling the wet cloth down from my forehead to cover my eyes. “Put it back.”

A low buzz sounded in my ears, immediately making my ass tense. On their own, my muscles responded to the familiar pulse on my sensitive skin.

“How about I put it here?” The rasp in his voice as he lowered the toy to the front of my exposed panties added another layer of vibration that my body was familiar with.

“Hunter… I… we just met.”

“And it’d be stupid of you to trust me.”

“Very stupid.” I nodded, but I couldn’t help but shift my hips slightly underneath the rubber toy.

“Even if your body wants me and I want you.” He moved the tip of the dildo along my panties before he slowly lowered my feet off the stool to the ground. With my knees bent, my feet were spread apart and my lower region looked as if it was completely ready for a man to take me. I wanted to get up but wasn’t sure whether it was such a good idea just yet. Besides, the pressure slowly building between my legs was beginning to feel more welcome each second. Would it be so bad to have a fling with this hot man? A man who worked for a reputable investigations company and had saved my life only this morning. I was willing to forget the mental institution part for a few minutes—minutes that could end up being extremely gratifying.

“Yes, even if that’s true.”

I’d never been careless. I hadn’t been with a man in over twelve months. Even when I’d labeled them as the one, none of them had turned out to be it. None of them got past first base. What would Emma do? She’d have jumped in the sack hours ago. She’d live it up and enjoy herself. Could I be Emma? Could I let go of the past and forget about the pain? I wanted to put that day behind me so, so badly.

“Then tell me to stop, Grace. And I will.” His face hovered above mine and warm lips slowly traced along my jawline. Their luscious touch left a torturous trail on my skin. The hot breath leaving his mouth skimmed down my neck and onto my cleavage, inflaming my entire body.

Hunter removed the cloth from my eyes, “Look at me, Grace. Look at how much I want you.” My gaze followed his to where his pink tip poked out from underneath the waistband.

I licked my lips. “Do you say that to all the women?”

“Does it matter whether I do or don’t?”

Honestly, at this moment, it didn’t because no matter what Hunter’s answer would have been it wouldn’t have changed my mind. The hormones had overtaken my body five minutes ago, and if I didn’t have Hunter I’d be sporting a female version of blue balls for days. Besides, I was human. How long did I expect to survive with a flimsy dildo? Even if this was a one-time thing with Hunter, I didn’t care. For once, I wanted to listen to my body and what it needed—what I needed.

At the small shake of my head Hunter smiled and took my lips into his mouth. And everything in my body shut down. All my senses and thoughts focused on my mouth, where Hunter was doing some wicked things. Oh boy! Was this ever a kiss worthy of a gold medal. Hunter didn’t kiss. He didn’t simply touch his mouth to mine. Instead, he literally took my lips between his, sucking them and fondling them with his, discovering every curve and ripple before dipping his tongue inside to taste me. My head spun and I hoped it was for the right reason this time. There was no way I wanted to faint right now. I needed to savor this moment and commit it to my deepest memories. I opened wider, welcoming him deeper, giving him my breath and my soul at the same time.

The complete Crossed Series Box Set, is available at discount at the following retailers: