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Layers Trilogy: Erotic Suspense Series

featuring Dazzled by Silver

Four novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat complete the Layers Trilogy. Follow Julian and Tristan Cross, brothers and private investigators, and their cousin Gabriel Silver, as they work together to keep the women they love safe and satisfied.

~ Spicy ~ Erotic ~ Suspenseful ~ Hot ~
"I have read all of the books in this trilogy including the prequel Dazzled by Silver. This is an awesome box set, full of hot men, independent women, suspense, drama, thrills, family, love and lots of sexual chemistry. The box set kicks off following Gabriel Silver a hot undercover investigator. Then it follows Tristian who owns the investigation company and then it follows Julian who is Tristians brother and runs the company with them. This box set in a must read and if you enjoy reading about hot men and suspense then you will love this box set.”

Toni Carr

Amazon Reviewer

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Dazzled by Silver excerpt

“You don’t mind if I steel Samantha for a moment, do you? The next round is on me.” He pointed to the table littered with shot glasses.

“Not at all.” Reese gently prodded my ribcage. “Steel away.”

Gabe offered his arm. With all the glares and drooling mouths around me, it seemed I had no choice but to take it and go with him.

“I’m sorry, Reese. I’ll be back soon.”

“Take your time.” Lin said loudly.

A satisfied grin stretched across Gabe’s face. None of my friends could doubt Gabe’s true intention.

The lack of air, or perhaps the alcohol, spun the room in my head. I welcomed the support of his arm.

As we walked away, I heard Lin’s comment. “No fucking way.” 

The rest of the girls giggled and shouted. Somebody yelled, “Way to score, Sam.”

My cheeks burned.

“Did you follow me here?” I asked.

“No, it’s pure coincidence. I’m updating the club’s surveillance.”

“And you’re taking a break now?” I tried to figure out where we were going, and tingles returned to my lower half.

“I’m my own boss, Samantha.”

“This way, Mr. Silver.” A nearly naked maître d’ opened a door into a darkened room. Butterflies flapped inside my stomach. The decor had a similar feel to the VIP area the girls were screaming from, except for the four walls, and a closed door.

“I’m being rude to my friends.” The slight tremble in my voice tickled my throat. Gabe spun me around and pinned me against the velvety wallpaper as he collided with my body.

I inhaled sharply.

He tightened his hands on my wrists and lifted them above my head, his mouth lingering delightfully close. The sounds from the outside faded. I could only hear his heavy breathing, and feel his chest rising up and down in slow motion.

With my hands stretched above my head, my dress rose up my thighs, its fabric smooth against my skin. He leaned in, whispering, “I’m sure your friends will understand.”

I’d already forgotten what I objected to. My legs trembled, and Gabe pressed his body harder to mine, his stiff arousal grinding against my tummy. His warmth enveloped me, soothing the shakes, melting all my jitters away.

“As I recall, I need to prove the quality of my orgasms.”

Gabe’s musky scent watered my mouth.

“I...I just had an orgasm.”

What was happening to me? Why was nothing else, except the burning desire inside me, important?

“Shots don’t matter. Do you want to come, Samantha?” His lips vibrated against mine.

I opened my mouth to speak, but then shut it.

“Say it. Tell me you what you want.” His mouth skimmed my lips, hovering just enough to tickle them.

“I want to come.”

He restrained both my wrists with his left hand, still high above my head. His right palm curved lower and lower along my arm. The tips of our noses touched, but he denied me a kiss. Past my breasts, down my hip, Gabe glided his hand over my leg, then eased it under my dress. His smooth palm slid along my inner thigh, and my legs parted for him.

The room spun. My lungs fought to get enough air into them.

He moved my panties to the side and slid his finger to my moist opening, spreading the juices upward. “You’re so wet and ready, Samantha. Is this for me?”

I nodded.

“Say it.”

“It’s for you.”

He yanked on the rim of my panties, tearing them off. He pocketed the piece of soaked fabric as if it were a trophy before his hand returned back between my legs.

“I’ll buy you a new pair.”

With my dress up over my hips, I’d never felt so exposed yet aroused. But Gabe’s finger lost me again as he drew it to the top of my folds and touched my clit. His big finger could extinguish my burning in seconds. 

“I like a shaved woman with a little nest I can play with.” He nuzzled his nose into my hair, inhaling deeply.

His finger circled around the protruding nub. Outside, the girls cheered another new act.

I tensed. “What if someone comes in?”

“Then they’ll get a show. Relax, Sam. I’ve got you.” He flicked his finger in a precise motion and silenced my next moan with his delicious mouth.

I pressed into his hand. The euphoria condensed, and Gabe deepened our kiss, depriving me of the air I needed to feed my speeding pulse. My yelp of pleasure echoed back through my throat and entire body until he broke our kiss. The exquisite pattern of his circling thumb set my hips in motion. Just a few more rubs, right there and I’d be done, but Gabe pulled away denying me release.

“Don’t stop,” I said, smelling my arousal float around us. Sweat beaded on my chest.

His hardened shaft poked at the side of my left hip as if bone to bone. “Perhaps you’d rather go get another shot?” he teased.

I shook my head. “No, no. This is much better. I need to come. Please make me come.”

His finger returned to my opening, and he slid it in easily, my wetness squishing at the entrance. With his thumb back on top he swirled it rhythmically as he stretched me inside. In and out, each push became more intense than the one before. It robbed me of any inhibition as I plunged forward onto his digit. I tightened my hands into fists, shutting my eyes, concentrating on the most sensitive part on my body as pleasure consumed me. All of my skin tensed, then released. Incredible sensations spread through me in pain and relief at the same time.

“Oh God!” The bliss flowed like electricity. He flicked once more, reviving the rupture of delight, and again I shook. He slowly cupped my sex, letting my fierce orgasm reduce to gentle tickles of feathers.

“No, just Gabe,” he whispered holding me under my arms, kissing the top of my head.

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