Perfectly Equipped
a prequel

Chapter 5

When we returned, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. The amphitheater was full, drinks were still being poured one after another at the bar, and I felt like we’d both stepped out of an adventure park back to the real world.

“Maybe it was a localized tremor,” I said under my breath.

“April!” I heard Millie’s voice. She waved toward me from the other end of the bar, clearly having had a few more shots than her petite frame could handle. There was a man beside her, quite good looking, watching her every move as if contemplating whether she was wasted enough to screw.

“I should see if she’s okay,” I left Sean by a pillar and headed toward my friend.

“Millie, how many of those have you had?” I pointed to the line of empty glasses, brought one to my nose, and inhaled the anise aroma. “You know Sambuca’s your weak point.” And by weak I meant that she loved the liquor so much, on occasions Millie drank it like water.

“I know,” she slurred. “But Greg here bet I couldn’t go past six.”

Why did she fall for these dweebs so easily?

“Well, I definitely showed him.”

“Millie, let’s get you to our room.”

“Nah, don’t go Millie.” Greg pulled down on her arm as she stood up. He threw me a ‘You better not fuck up my game’ look. Oh, I so didn’t like him.

“We’re leaving,” I repeated.

“And who made you the queen?” he snapped back.

“I did.” Sean’s voice boomed from behind me. I didn’t realize he followed me. It had been a long time since I’d had a strong man’s support. Greg took one look at Sean and stepped back.

“Come on, Millie. It’s time to go,” Sean repeated. And apparently he didn’t have to ask her twice, the way I did. Millie took the arm he offered, I stepped on her other side holding her steady, and we walked away.

“I told you to be careful who you hang out with.”

“I’m not the one who disappeared with the eagle-man,” she said.

Right, I did disappear.

“Besides, he said I couldn’t do more than six shots.”

She was so wobbly on her feet, I was glad I had Sean with me to help me guide her up the steep staircase.

“Millie, we’ll discuss how to be a good judge of character when you’re sober.”

She stopped in the middle of the walkway and pinched my cheek. “You’re blushing. Did you do him?” she whispered loudly toward me, covering her mouth away from him as if that would prevent Sean from hearing.

“Millie, stop.”

“You said he had a nice package. Did it live up to my expectations?”

Sean chuckled, and I felt my cheeks turn crimson.

“I swear, Millie. I will never forgive you for this.”

We walked her to our bungalow, and I chose to ignore her continuous embarrassing questions. I helped her to bed, and once she snuggled against the pillow, I stepped back out into the hallway where Sean was waiting for me.

“Nice package, eh?”

“She’s exaggerating.”

“Are you saying I have a small penis?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying.”

“A big one then?” he teased.

“I think Millie’s already established how I feel about your ‘package.’” I used finger quotes. This was so embarrassing.

“And how do you feel about my package?”

“I feel I have yet to discover whether its performance lives up to its size.”

Was I flirting again? I was pretty sure this conversation went way beyond flirting and was leading to me doing a ‘spread eagle’ for him right here, or jumping directly into his bed.

“Come to my room, then.” He stood in front of me, and the back of his hand gently swept up my sheer dress over my stone-hard nipple. My back pressed against the shut door, for the first time since dinner reminding me of my sunburn, and I squirmed, stepping away, right back into Sean’s arms.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’m still sore and...”

He leaned into my ear and whispered, “You can be on top. Or on your front with that beautiful ass of yours high up in the air as I cool it with my tongue. I know you want me, April. And I sure as hell want you.”

His arousal pressed against my thigh, and if there were ever any doubts about his size, which there weren’t, Sean had just killed them off. Holy crap! I repositioned myself so that I could feel him right there at the apex of my triangle. It wouldn’t take much. A slight lift of my dress and pull on the strings of his shorts and we’d be connected as one. I did want him, more than I was willing to admit out loud. The atmosphere of this resort allowed me to be more open and daring than usual.

I moved my hips back and forth, each time brushing against him. Sean’s hand slid over my hip and onto my thigh. His forehead rested against mine, which given his height wasn’t easy, so I stepped higher on my toes, pressing my body into his, feeling every ripple and valley of his muscles on my skin. I concentrated on the lips that had molested mine earlier that evening, and I made a vow to feel them all over my body. I spread my legs wider and his other hand followed the downward curve of my hip before he shifted. Feeling his palm between us, slowly scrunching my dress higher, was like a rush I hadn’t felt in years. And when his finger touched my bare skin and nestled right between my folds, I was lost. He could do with me as he pleased, and I wouldn’t object.

“I want you, April.” His husky voice was rough and enticing. “Any way I can get you.”

His thick finger slid inside me, and I let out a whimper. I couldn’t reply. Not in this state of frenzy. I could only show him how much I wanted him. This was wrong! We just met! Then why did it feel so right? I lowered myself onto his digit further, feeling him fill me until his knuckles were at my opening, and was rewarded with a second finger. He took my lips with the next hard pump, and I felt my body soar higher at the force of his hand.

Millie moaned from inside the room. “I can’t leave her. Not like this,” I panted.

What if she choked on her vomit? What if she left the room and got lost, or worse yet, drowned? Maybe it was the mother in me that couldn’t walk away, but I knew if I did, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on him, on us, anyway. And I really didn’t want anything ruining our intimate moment.

“You’re dripping.” He kept moving his fingers in and out, tantalizingly slowly, rubbing that inner wall like a pro. His thumb reached to my clit, and my legs quivered underneath me. I lowered my hand to his shaft, for the first time feeling his pure strength in my grasp, wondering how he’d feel inside me.

“And you’re hard.”

“I don’t want to fuck you here, April. I want you for way more.”

Millie moaned again and I thought I heard something clatter in the room.

“I know. Me too, but I can’t concentrate unless I know she’s okay.”

Sean slowly removed his fingers, lifted them to his lips, and licked them clean. God, that was hot!

“We always have tomorrow, and the day after...” I was still panting from the heat of desire he’d driven me to.

“All right, April. In case you change your mind, I’m in bungalow 208.”

Two-oh-eight, I repeated in my mind. There was no way I could ever forget that number.

Sean then leaned in and kissed me with so much force, my lips had the urge to walk away with him, abandoning the rest of me to tend to my sick friend.

I watched him leave. He waved just before he turned the corner, and I felt my heart jump out of my chest.

“This is going to be one long night.”

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