Perfectly Equipped
a prequel

Chapter 6

Inside our room, Millie’s bed was empty. Light shone from behind the bathroom door, and I gently knocked.

“Come in,” Millie’s voice almost sang. What had happened to the slur? Changed into her sleep shorts and a t-shirt, she stood by the sink with a toothbrush in her mouth.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes. What are you doing here?” She pulled out the toothbrush, pointing at me accusingly.

Wasn’t this my room as well? “What do you mean, what am I doing here? I’m here because you’re drunk... or you were drunk.”

Millie looked quite fine at this moment. She spat the foam out of her mouth, rinsed, and shut the sink tap off.

“I mean, why are you here? Didn’t you get the hint?”

I lifted my brows, and she rolled her eyes. Obviously, whatever hint she was talking about, I hadn’t gotten it.

“The one where I ‘need’ your help, your honky-honk can’t leave your side, and I get you two closer to his room! Again, why are you here, and where is the eagle man?”

“Are you telling me you weren’t drunk?”

“Of course not. You should know it takes more than a few shots to get me drunk.”

“Soo, you were trying to get me and Sean in one room?”

“Yes – his, specifically. Geez, April. Sometimes I wonder what happened to that reckless girl I knew before she got married.”

Life. I sighed.

“The way the guy was looking at you, I was afraid he’d lift you up on that bar and take you in front of the crowd. I got wet just thinking about it.”

“Eww. Please don’t think about getting off when I’m on your mind.”

“Gross! I pictured me in your spot, on that bar, silly!”

Yes, because that made much more sense.

“Where is he?”

“He left. I told him I needed to take care of a drunk friend.”

“Ahh, I love you too. But if you don’t get your ass over to his room, like now, then I will.”

“I don’t know, Millie.” I sat down on a chair in the bathroom, which only reminded me how much my ass still hurt. “After Simon, there... there hasn’t been any other man.”

“What about Pinkie?”

I cocked my head to the side. “We never went all the way. And even if we had, I don’t think that would have counted.”

She chuckled.

“I just met him, and I don’t like one-night stands.”

“Well, how are you supposed to know if you like them unless you try them?” She winked. “Maybe this could be more than a one-night stand. He looks like a decent guy, April, and he carries so much positive energy around him he could charge the batteries in my vibrator with one look. Imagine you never saw him again. How would you feel? And there’s no better time to find out if he performs as well as he looks than the present.”

“What about Parker?”

“Parker is not here. And one day he’ll need a father figure. This is the perfect time and place to start exploring.” She paused for a moment. “Look, I’m not telling you to go and get married. Far from it. But it’s definitely time to start exploring.”

All I could think about was the way Sean had explored me with his fingers.

She grasped my arm and lifted me off the chair.

“Wait, I need a shower.” And hopefully I could think a bit clearer once I was done.

“Fine, but I’m not letting you stay here tonight, so you better find another room, if you know what I mean.”

Yes, I knew what Millie meant. She left me in the bathroom, and I stood in the shower, with the hope it would not only cool off my heated back but would also put out the fire between my legs. But at this point, any thoughts about Sean led to a volcano of lust erupting right out of my pussy.

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