Play With Me

Book 3 in the With Me Series ~ a single Daddy novel

I'm a father.

She hates kids.

And we’re going on an adventure with "my niece".


The only woman who can call me “Daddy” is my little girl.  I always thought it would be just the two of us – and it was – until I met Lola Lowes. That crazy, spirited woman drives me nuts and keeps me on my toes. She’s also the reason my hair is short and my balls are empty. If Lola finds out about my lies, they will remain empty FOREVER.


I didn't need help until I met Brook Madden. He was supposed to be a distraction but had become the pulse in my heart. With him at my side, for the first time in years I can breathe. For the first time in years, when his niece takes my hand, I feel hope. But life keeps throwing curveballs we can’t hit and when Brook finds out how broken I am, he’ll disappear along with all that love I never knew I could have again.

Read Brook and Lola’s suspenseful love story that will leave you wanting more, in Play With Me.

Note: Play With Me is the third novel in the With Me series. Contains spoilers to Sin With Me (Book 2). Can be read as a stand-alone novel

★★★★★ "I was totally captivated by this wonderful book from the very beginning. Characters that had chemistry that was undeniably hot. I was so intrigued with the storyline that I couldn’t put it down until I had read the last word. I was riveted to every page I turned, and at the end I was left wanting more. Absolutely stunning! I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing read.” ~ Carol H, Reviewer

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Play With Me sneak peek:


“911, what is your emergency?”

“Help me! I don’t want to die. Please help me!” I cried out, coughing. I could barely hear my screams over the roaring fire.

“Ma’am, where are you right now?” 

I strained my gaze but I was unable to penetrate the thick cloud of smoke. It irritated my eyes and throat. Something protruded my stomach. I touched my belly. It felt wet and sticky. I coughed again into my sleeve, trying to remember how I’d gotten here. Nothing around me seemed familiar. A loud bang echoed in my ears, vibrating, and then there was a fire. My body ached. Hot flames roared in front of me, and I had nowhere to go. I could barely move.

“I… I don’t know. The fire’s spreading. Help me! Pleeeeeease…” 

The air thickened into an impermeable fog in a matter of seconds. The taste of smoke filled my mouth, and when it reached my lungs every few breaths, my head spun. I covered my mouth with my arm in an attempt to breathe through the sleeve. Giving up wasn’t an option. I banged on the window beside me, hoping someone on the other side would hear me.

“Ma’am, what city are you calling from?”

“I. Don’t. Know. I need help. Use your satellite signal.”

Holding the phone between my shoulder and chin, I fanned my other hand in front of my face, but that didn’t help either. The window wouldn’t open. I was trapped.

“We’re trying to trace your call right now. Can you get to a safe room? If so, put a towel underneath the door and stay low.”

A minute ago, I’d been certain I had more time. I’d been sure I could get out, but my situation worsened. Now I was stuck. The door was jammed, and the fire had spread too quickly. A loud bang shook the earth underneath me, and all of a sudden it seemed that the outside was more dangerous than my current location as a new bright orange fireball spread upward toward the sky.

“It’s okay, princess.” I heard a familiar voice beside me, but I couldn’t see where it was coming from. 

“You’re going to be okay,” he cooed. “Hold on.”

“I… I can’t.”

I pinched my nose. Breathing through my sleeve was less effective. I had few seconds left, but sometimes seconds mattered. Seconds saved lives. Holding that air for as long as my lungs let me could buy me a few precious seconds. It could buy both of us time.

“We’re having a difficult time tracing your call, ma’am. Can you see anything out the window that you can describe?”

Fuck me! My phone wasn’t traceable; it wasn’t supposed to be. I’d have had better luck calling my friend Emma than dialing 911. She’d been there for me before. And why was the dispatch calling me ma’am?

“No.” I coughed again. “Nothing. No, wait….”

My eyes were stinging from the smoke almost as much as my lungs, but I had to give the dispatch something.

“I can see trees,” I said.

“Any buildings? Bridges? Can you see anything else, ma’am?”

I took one last dirty breath through the fabric of my sleeve and placed my face against the window again.

“I see a penis.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s a huge dick! Help me!”

“Ma’am, how much have you had to drink today?”

Fuck her! Though many might have contested the claim, I’d never had a drink in my life. I tried to take another breath but inhaled pure soot instead.

“Ma’am… Ma’am?”

I heard those words echo in my mind until the last beat of my heart stole the life inside me.

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