Marked, Book 1

There's something good about being bad.

The underworld is stirring. And it’s calling out my name.

One kill. One life. One snap of a demon’s neck and I will be marked with a sphere. It will  not only give me purpose and strength but it will also bind me and my sister to a demon lord, Aseret. 

He’s killed our kin, disturbed the underworld’s resting souls and now he’s preparing to strike at the humans and vampires. If we don’t stop him, another genocide will ensue.

Gifted with abilities from our ancestors, we are the last shifters. Except my sister believes that our destiny is to bear the water mark instead.

Fortunately for me, every marking comes with a price.  For me, her name is Xela. The sinfully sexy dark witch with secrets flips my world upside down. She takes hold of my heart, opening the door to the underworld. 

After all, there’s something good about being bad.

Morphed, Book 2

There's nothing good about being bad.

   Raising a child should come with instructions. Raising a half-breed vampire should come with a warning sign.

Part 1
Thrown into the deep waters of parenting, the twin shifters Mira and Xander are tasked to raise and train a half-breed vampire. The siblings have paused their love lives, moved to a new town and attempted to set their differences aside for their new and unique family.
But when you’re fighting on opposite sides and don’t know it, those differences cannot be ignored. Balancing a new life as humans with their past lives as shifters proves more challenging than they expected.
The cherry on the pie is their teenage half-breed niece, who’s in search for her own identity. Will Mira and Xander finally find happiness or will darker forces return for another round?

Part 2
In search of her identity, Violet has always known that she’s unique.
Faster than wind, stronger than an army and wiser than anyone she’s met in her home town of Pinedale, her life is about to take a turn.
She’s wanted to explore beyond the spell-protected town for years and now she has a reason.His name is Gabriel Jones and  he’s the only other half-breed vampire in the world. He’s about to take Violet on an adventure and show her the other side of the world. He’s about to change her fragile heart into an unbreakable force that will challenge the wickedest of witches, until death touches them both.

After all, there’s nothing good about being bad.

Note: Morphed is the second book in the Two Halves Series and should be read after Marked, book 1. This novel is suitable for mature audience only.

Book 3: Matched

Not all souls are lost. Not all can be found.

coming Fall 2019

Book 4: Mended

Oaths can't be broken, but they can be bent.

coming Winter 2019

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